Collection: Velvet pants

Our velvet pants add a touch of elegance to your outfit. With or without pliers, it's a great winter classic!

Put aside for a few decades, men's velvet pants, prized for their good fit, their ability to retain heat and their retro style, are gradually coming back to the forefront. Modernized, it now comes in a reworked shape, with a slimmer cut, a zipper and just the right amount of elastane. At Hast, we have chosen to make our contribution to the renaissance of velvet pants starting from our iconic chino cut. Discover how to choose and wear this piece of character, oscillating between nostalgia and current events. Why choose velvet pants? Heir to a rich and winding history, velvet has declined throughout the centuries in many ways. Although it was first associated with royalty, it became more popular, like many other weavings, during the Industrial Revolution. Corduroy, which is in question here, made its appearance in 18th century England, and was originally worn by workers, but also by sportsmen and soldiers. This is why, even today, this material is reminiscent of a certain workwear paraphernalia. When we think of men's velvet pants today, we first think of corduroy. At Hast, we chose to opt for milleraies, which, as its name suggests, is distinguished by the large number of fairly fine ribs. This choice of material, as well as its fitted cut, gives it a much more modern look than your grandfather's thick, falling pants. Rather, these are chinos with a more wintery and more textured style, perfect for giving an extra character to an outfit. 98% cotton for 2% elastane, a zipper, two piped pockets at the back: everything has been thought of so that our velvet pants provide you with maximum comfort all day long. The endless possibilities of velvet pants How to wear men's velvet pants in the 21st century? We can only be surprised by the number of alternatives. As a preamble, we will only state one recommendation: in the majority of cases, it is advisable to temper the textured appearance of milleraies velvet with a smoother finish. So pair your velvet pants with a chambray or poplin shirt to make the most of the contrast. As for the style, you are free to experiment. As said above, our velvet chinos can perfectly enhance a workwear outfit, combined with a buttoned shirt and ankle boots; but it also goes perfectly with a t-shirt / white sneakers set for a casual style worn every day. With a turtleneck and a suit jacket, you can also go all out on the seasonal look. Available in camel or navy blue, our men's velvet pants will suit both a predominantly dark outfit and lighter shades.