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Our wool flannel pants have been made from fabrics that are as comfortable as they are refined. They are perfect for spending the winter warm and elegant.

Our flannel pants
Men's flannel pants, rich in centuries-old history, are now a unanimous favorite in many wardrobes. A material that is both warm and light, flannel stands out for its comfort, but also for its fluffy aesthetic, which makes it very easy to combine with many outfits. Widely popular during the cold season, flannel pants combine the advantages of keeping you warm while remaining breathable thanks to the properties of wool. This is also the material that we chose to make our Hast pants, in the purest Welsh tradition - the same one that invented flannel around the 16th century. Discover here our range of men's flannel pants as well as a review of their essential properties, before learning how to combine them and how to maintain them. Flannel pants: an ally for the cold season Flannel pants are your ideal companion for bad days, the garment that will accompany you from the first cool weather to the flowering gardens. To guarantee foolproof insulation and absolute comfort - no more scratchy wool - we have our woolens manufactured by Vitale Barberis Canonico, Angelico and Reda, Italian workshops recognized throughout the world. Comfort, softness, warmth, but that's not all. Our men's flannel pants are also and above all a guarantee of elegance. With its fitted cut that adapts to the most diverse silhouettes, its buttons at the waist, its front and back pleats, it brings together all the marks of traditional refinement, with enough modern references to work in a more casual outfit. The last element is probably the one that struck you first: the style. This is more a question of taste. The traditional chino has a relatively straight cut, Italian pockets on the sides and welt pockets at the back. How to wear men's flannel pants? There are many ways to wear flannel pants. First, the most obvious: by combining it with one of our wool flannel jackets. Go to the top right of this page to follow our recommendations, and find the gray or brown blazer that will complement your pants. As for the shirt, avoid all flannel and instead opt for a raw fabric, like denim or chambray , or smooth like cotton twill. No need, however, to integrate your men's flannel pants into an ensemble. It lends itself perfectly to the combination in a more casual, even mismatched, outfit. Denim or leather jacket, t-shirt, sweater, you're spoiled for choice. And for maintenance? At Hast, we recommend dry cleaning for all our woolens. In general, these may, in the long term, shrink or fray if they are washed in water. This is why, for increased longevity, it is not recommended to try it. However, it should be noted that wool being an extremely breathable material, it does not require too frequent washing. Hang your flannel pants in your bathroom to restore them to their original appearance, and have them dry cleaned at the end of the season, or when necessary.