Collection: Pinpoint

Pinpoint is a fabric that brings a certain distinction. It is a formal variation of the oxford whose weave it shares but with a finer fabric which makes pinpoint a fabric halfway between oxford and poplin.

Although less known than the poplin or oxford shirt, the pinpoint shirt is one of those clothes suitable for all types of situations. Combining the qualities of different weaves, this fine and comfortable material is suitable for both casual outings and more formal events. Carefully made in Europe with our partner workshops, our pinpoint shirts meet the quality requirements of our entire wardrobe: elegant and easy-to-wear pieces, made from beautiful materials and offered directly from the designer to the wearer. Find out below why pinpoint might just be the essential fabric your wardrobe has been missing. What is pinpoint? We often associate pinpoint with oxford fabric, which it resembles in many ways — but lighter. It is this lightness that leads many specialists to say that the pinpoint shirt is halfway between the Oxford shirt and the poplin shirt. To see more clearly, take a quick look at these two emblematic weaves: Poplin The most common fabric today, poplin has a fine and smooth appearance which makes it particularly suitable for formal situations, and very comfortable in summer. It owes this silky character to a tight weave, alternating warp threads (more numerous and finer) with slightly thicker weft threads, on a plain weave. The Oxford Oxford is often considered a more casual fabric than poplin or pinpoint. Its doubled warp thread and its simple but thick weft thread give it a thicker feel which makes it less formal, but also more durable and more resistant than finer fabrics. In addition, the white weft threads give it a faux-plain appearance which can sometimes appear more casual. A formal variation of the oxford We could ultimately refer to the pinpoint shirt as a formal variation of the oxford. The pinpoint also has the same texture as the latter, and shares its checkered appearance if observed closely. However, the fabric is much finer with a higher thread count per square inch. If it therefore shares with the Oxford the same armor and great longevity, the pinpoint shirt appears more distinguished, and lends itself perfectly to formal situations. Please note, this does not mean that Oxford fabric cannot be dressed up. You simply have to choose your type of fabric carefully, avoiding too strong a contrast between warp threads and weft threads. Our pinpoint shirts can be found in a classic, fitted cut in white and blue, with zampa di galina sewn mother-of-pearl buttons and our signature collar, the semi-cutaway.