Collection: English collar

Unquestionably the most elegant collar! With its high throat and its fastener specially designed to highlight a tie, the English collar will go perfectly with structured pieces, with a tailoring spirit.

English collar shirts
The English collar shirt British style in its purest form, between sophistication and discretion. The points of the English collar are connected by a fabric tab and a small button which is positioned behind the tie knot. This little tab highlights the tie and gives it perfect support. A heritage of high society, the English collar shirt was very popular in the 20s and 30s. Today, this collar is worn by a large number of celebrities, including Daniel Craig in James Bond, Jude Law and Karl Lagarfeld. The origin of the English collar The history of the English collar is closely linked to that of the Duke of Windsor who wore this collar during one of his trips to the United States. The public was very intrigued by the style of his shirt and by the small button connecting the two parts of the collar which kept his tie perfectly in place. Since then, the English collar has been strongly linked to good society, elegance and refinement. It brings unparalleled precision to the outfit and is generally worn in a formal setting. This English collar is sometimes confused with the “pin collar”, a collar where the button tab is replaced by a through pin. At Hast, it is the fabric tab that fixes our English collar. The benefits of wearing an English collar shirt The English collar ensures the tie is held in place and allows freedom of movement while looking distinguished. This is the ideal collar for high tie knots. Once the tie is tied, the fabric tab is hidden and prevents the knot from slipping. The men's English collar shirt also has the advantage of elongating a small face. However, the English collar will not be ideal for wide necks, as it risks slightly compressing the head position. How to wear the English collar shirt? We advise you to wear the men's English collar shirt with a suit and tie, rather than alone. However, choose ties that are not too wide and a simple knot so that it fits without forcing it on the paw. Accompanied by a suit, our classic poplin shirt adds elegance and charm to your outfit.