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Today we could call it the “Peaky Blinders” pass as the English series contributed to its revival. This collar has the particularity of being rounded at the tips. Our club collar shirts look just as good with a suit and tie as they do with jeans.

Club collar shirts
The club collar shirt Highly appreciated for its refinement, the club collar has the particularity of being rounded at the tips. Although this collar adapts to all body types, it is nevertheless essential to combine it correctly to avoid false notes. A pass steeped in history The club collar was born during the 19th century, between the 1800s and 1850s. It is also called the Eton collar, because it was an integral part of the uniform of this elitist and very expensive school. Originally, the club collar was, like all collars of the time, detachable and removable so that it could be easily changed once worn. At the beginning of the 20th century, the collar was now sewn to the collar stand. The club collar had its heyday during the 1920s. Worn proudly until the 1930s, it remained a symbol of elegance, even during the crisis that gripped countries. In the 60s, the club collar disappeared in favor of a very relaxed silhouette, only to be reborn from its ashes in the 2010s. The resounding success of the Peaky Blinders series brought it completely back into fashion. A collar often buttoned The club collar is often worn buttoned all the way up. If it goes just as well with a tie as a small bow tie; However, we recommend choosing these accessories in a dark color. Our club collar is worn over a classic cut shirt, that is to say slightly adjusted at the bust level. The rounded shape of the club collar already brings enough originality and fantasy to an outfit, so opt instead for a light colored or classic patterned shirt like our blue striped shirt. How do I combine my club collar shirt? Our white club collar shirt goes wonderfully under a suit, for example with a heather gray suit. Furthermore, the club collar shirt for men goes very well with a solid color vest. Don't hesitate to combine a club collar shirt with beige chinos or raw jeans and a pair of sneakers for a casual chic look.