Collection: Linen

Linen is a fabric particularly suitable for summer thanks to its thermoregulatory power. It absorbs moisture and dries very quickly. Our linen shirts are very pleasant to wear and provide you with incomparable freshness when temperatures rise. Combined with cotton, you get fresh, supple shirts that resist wrinkling well.

Our linen shirts
Linen is a particularly pleasant fabric to wear. It lets the skin breathe and its thermoregulatory properties allow you to stay cool even when temperatures rise. A fabric that gets better with the years Linen wicks away sweat better than cotton, without feeling damp. The fibers are very resistant so that a linen shirt lasts a long time without getting damaged. Linen, like good wine, improves with time. By being washed, the fiber softens and the shirt becomes more and more pleasant to wear over the years. The shirt is also very easy to wash, at 30°. On certain models, we combine linen with cotton so that our shirts are fresh and supple without wrinkling. Please note that our classic blue textured linen shirt is 100% linen, as is our casual beige organic linen shirt A very ecological fiber by nature Flax cultivation is one of the oldest in the world and has its origins in Eurasia. This fiber is very ecological, because it requires little irrigation; rainwater is enough to nourish the flax fibers. Furthermore, its cultivation does not require any use of chemicals. France is the leading producer of linen in the world and represents 75% of global production. We therefore chose to make our linen shirts in our workshops in Europe. How to choose your linen shirt? The linen shirt is often associated with casualness and summer. Although this shirt does indeed offer many freedoms, it should not be selected in haste. Be sure to choose a slightly looser cut than your usual shirts – without being too baggy – in order to let the skin breathe. To make sure your shirt fits your figure, check that the seam falls exactly at shoulder level. Straighten your arms: the sleeves should stop approximately 2 cm from the base of the thumb. Finally, the length of your linen shirt should stop below the belt. We offer linen shirts with a fitted cut (formerly extra-fitted) to combine the elegance of the cut with a naturally more casual fabric. How to wear a linen shirt? Don’t hesitate to mix colors and textures to highlight your men’s linen shirt. We also do not recommend wearing linen pants with a shirt of the same fabric, opt instead for jeans and cotton. We generally recommend pairing light linen shirts with colored bottoms, while we prefer neutral bottoms with a colored linen shirt. For a casual look, our beige linen shirt open over a white T-shirt will be perfectly matched with light blue denim. For a semi-formal look, opt for our light blue linen shirt and pair it with more formal chinos, a pair of loafers and why not a suit jacket.