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If you are looking for a piece capable of enriching your usual outfits, easy to wear, go for velvet! Velvet has this particular rich appearance, ideal for adding relief to your outfit, while remaining easy to combine.

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Velvet stands out as a modern fabric that energizes an outfit. The strength of a velvet shirt is the quality and resistance of its fabric that can be worn intact for many years. A quality fabric The term “velvet”, from the Latin villosus, means “covered with hair”. Created in the Kashmir region, the weaving technique was then developed in Persia then imported to Italy where velvet was very successful in the 14th century, notably in Genoa, Florence, Milan and Venice. This quality fabric is distinguished by an exceptional weaving process. In fact, to obtain its velvety appearance, two layers are woven one above the other using a warp thread. The warp of pile is then cut to separate the two layers: it is the threads which protrude vertically from the fabric which create the velvety texture of the velvet. On the fabric, light is reflected differently depending on the orientation of the hairs. The colors of a velvet shirt will be more or less dark, shiny or matte depending on the angle. Very demanding in terms of time and know-how at the time, this fabric is therefore very expensive and considered luxurious from the end of the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. The different types of velvet There is not one velvet, but several: corduroy: we add a weft that we weave and cut to form vertical lines along the fabric short velvet: the hairs are short, dense and uniform which often confuses it with suede the velvet breakdown: we crush all the hairs of the fabric in the same direction crushed velvet: the fabric is twisted and pressed to flatten the pile embossed velvet: we press the fabric which is more or less shiny depending on the pressure brocaded velvet: designs are made by weaving a pattern using the warp thread or by cutting the pile to different lengths devoré velvet: it is treated with acid to partially destroy the hair, which reveals the pattern in relief viscose or silk velvet: extremely fluid, it is one of the most difficult fabrics to work with, generally used in luxury An easy shirt to wear and combine for your look The velvet shirt combines the qualities of being both warm and sturdy. If you have never worn a velvet shirt, you will appreciate its resistance and the ease with which it adds substance and relief to an outfit. Don't hesitate to choose a velvet shirt in an intense color and combine it with jeans or chinos for an effect that is both casual and elegant. Boots go particularly well with a velvet shirt. For a sophisticated look at the office, wear the velvet shirt with your suit pants.