Collection: Denim

First used for the manufacture of jeans, denim has since diversified to produce beautiful shirts with a workwear spirit. Initially dyed with indigo (the famous blue jeans), this fabric built on a twill weave offers real strength and a wash suitable for everyone's use. Woven in Italy from very fine yarns, the various Hast denim shirts are imbued with authenticity, suitable for a casual outfit.

Denim shirts
The denim shirt: a unique piece The denim shirt, more frequently called a denim shirt, has established itself over the last few decades as a must-have in the men's wardrobe. So much so that today it is sometimes nicknamed “the new white shirt”… At Hast, we have chosen to present the men's denim shirt in its most elegant light. While keeping the characteristic raw side of denim, we have opted for a refined style that goes well with both a casual style and a more formal outfit. How do you recognize a denim shirt? If the terms denim shirt and denim shirt have gradually merged, at least in French, they originally designate two different weaves. Jeans and denim, what are the differences? Jeans, older and typical of the north of England, are a one-color cotton twill with oblique ribs. Denim, which appeared later, in the second half of the 18th century, and presented - rightly or wrongly - as an heir to the Nîmes cloth, to which it owes its name, is also a cotton twill, but which mixes indigo blue warp threads and ecru weft threads. Today, we often use the two terms equivalently, when they are not used, by metonymy, to designate pants with a fitted waist made from the same material. From overalls to denim shirt Originally prized for its thickness and strength, this fabric, originally reserved in the United States for workers' overalls - still a long way from the denim shirt - became a fashion accessory during the 20th century. Its advantages ? A rough appearance, evoking the values ​​of wild America; a rebellious connotation, popularized in the 60s by actors like Marlon Brando and James Dean; and finally, original aging, making each piece unique through its washing. The different variations of the denim shirt Once associated with traditional American style, the men's denim shirt has today become a versatile piece that can be worn both casually and in a formal context. We will then choose the model of our denim shirt according to the desired result: • Winter and summer: we often see denim as a thicker fabric, which would make the denim shirt a more winter accessory. However, its casual appearance also makes it an excellent partner for the summer season. • The finishes: the yokes on the shoulders and the double front pocket, with push button, are more reminiscent of the western origins of the men's denim shirt. To be able to wear it in all circumstances, with a flannel suit jacket or a tie , we would rather opt for a refined model. A shirt decorated with a single chest pocket and a buttoned collar will appear to be a good compromise for a casual chic style. • Color: Christian Lacroix considered blue to be the color of the 20th century. The denim shirt is still worn well into the next century, and works in both light and dark tones. At Hast, we also offer it in other colors, for more originality. The denim shirt can today be considered a basic, and is distinguished from a classic blue shirt by its rough and faded side. For an intermediate style, we would rather opt for a dobby or chambray fabric, with a similar weave, but with a finer appearance.