Quand la chemise est bonne, bonne, bonne !

When the shirt is good, good, good!

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Music star and style icon are often synonymous as the strong personality of the artists is translated through looks that still inspire the greatest designers today. Sometimes in extravagance, other times in sobriety, the musicians never cease to brilliantly express their universe. On the occasion of the Fête de la Musique we offer you an overview of the artists who are as comfortable on stage as in their shirts!

David Bowie
A look as unique as his style, David Bowie is an artist who will have marked his time. Although often represented in his craziest outfits, "Ziggy Stardust" has, over the course of his evolution, known how to wear very elegant outfits with beautiful fabric . As evidenced by this superb navy double-breasted jacket over a striped shirt . The polka dot tie perfects the ensemble for a high-class English look.


His Purple Majesty! The immense multi-instrumentalist legend that is Prince is also multi-style! If he knew how to play the guitar as well as the piano or the drums, The King of Funk also juggled between his very daring stage outfits and slightly more sober outfits like this wing-collar shirt which goes naturally with a bow tie , the fantastic paradox of a rockstar with the chic of a lyrical artist.

Pharrell Williams
Mister Williams is not only behind the success of Daft Punk's latest album, he is also a stylist regularly cited among the most stylish personalities in the world. The influence of American urban culture is clearly felt in his daily style but he does not refrain from the "vintage gentleman" outfits typical of the 50s with a panama, a formal shirt and a tie . (The little round clip adds a real personal touch which is a pleasure).

Elvis Presley
Elvis is not only the short-sleeved Hawaiian shirt, it is also some beautiful lessons in elegance. The main icon of rock'n'roll knew how to swap his bell-bottom stage outfits for a timeless gray suit enhanced with a club-collared shirt that smells of the 1930s. (This is the shirt that the young lady is looking at ! Yes, yes, I assure you...)

Serge Gainsbourg

Cursed poets often have this little inexplicable something that makes them successful. Take Serge Gainsbourg for example, a casual shirt tucked into formal pants, open at the third button to reveal its key-shaped pendant, rolled up sleeves, a watch and a cigarette: when nonchalance and elegance are in consonance.

Kanye West
We no longer present Kanye West, he is talked about enough on his own. However, the Hip-Hop prodigy is in the front row of most fashion shows and at the origin of the Adidas "Yeezy" collection which sells for gold on eBay. He has forged a truly distinct style, drawing his inspiration from American streetwear and workwear: he never goes out without his pair of Timberlands. Well almost, since he also knows how to wear a white shirt with a French collar under a gray suit when he chooses to put away his gold chains, and that does it!

Kurt Cobain

Under this beautiful blonde hair hides the legend of the group Nirvana. You can easily notice its influence on current trends (oversized tops and ripped jeans, that reminds you of some outfits on the streets of Paris, right?). His style is the perfect reflection of his personality, strong and tortured: a checkered shirt , loose and a little worn, personalized with a pin, on a tour t-shirt. Badass.

(Bonus) Daft Punk

Are you tired of all these conventions that force you to stay classic or follow trends? What you like is science fiction and to hell with the codes of modern masculine elegance since you are in the future! Well, do like Daft Punk! Take out your best suits, your best shirts and add the ultimate personal touch that will hit the mark: your son's Darth Vader helmet! You will have the respect of the whole world! (Provided you win 7 Grammy Awards for your talent and stay on the right side of the force).