Notre Mac réversible n’a que des bons côtés

Our reversible Mac only has good sides

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A Brief History of the Mac for Men

A national treasure and the final jewel in the British crown, the mac is the result of a history of pragmatism and innovation. Famous long before the apple brand, this waterproof coat saw the light of day at the beginning of the 19th century thanks to the Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh.

A prolific inventor, the Glasgow native was 53 years old when he developed naphtha, a mixture of hydrocarbons used for lighting flares. Continuing his research, he discovered a few months later that dissolving rubber in this liquid made it possible to develop an absolutely waterproof water-repellent material. Immediately, he saw it as an opportunity to offer his contemporaries armor against the elements (which was no small feat in the United Kingdom of the Industrial Revolution).

Neither one nor two, he traps this material between two layers of fabric and notes that he has just developed a textile that is resistant to wind and rain. He immediately patented this process “making it possible to make the texture of hemp, linen, wool, cotton, silk, as well as leather, paper and other substances impermeable to water and air ." The year is 1823.

Portrait of Charles Macintosh by John Graham-Gilbert, 1843.

Problem: the material developed by Charles Macintosh hardens on contact with the cold, melts slightly in the sun and smells terribly.

It will be necessary to wait a few years and the assistance of the English engineer Thomas Hancock to erase these imperfections. The success was immediate: the two men opened a clothing factory in Manchester and the mac (sometimes spelled “mack”) permanently became a legend. A long, enveloping, waterproof and insulating coat , to which we pay vibrant tribute today.

Mac and trench coat, white beanie and white beanie?

Regularly confused, the mac and the trench coat have comparable origins and functions. It must be said that Aquascutum and Burberry, the two brands that claim the authorship of the trench coat, were both inspired by Charles Macintosh and Thomas Hancock's Mack.

Basically, both are covering and fairly long rain coats, waterproof and windproof , historically worked in rubberized natural materials.

However, the trench coat has a much more marked military component. Literally, the trench coat means “trench coat”, a legacy of the First World War when the British Army decided to equip its officers with it.

For the occasion, orders were placed with these two brands to adapt the mac to the requirements of the front. Double-breasted at the front, ring belt, shoulder pads, flaps, tightening tabs at the cuffs: the trench stands out as the combat version of the minimalist mackintosh .

Advertisement 1918. Source: Old magazine articles

Even today, the two coats coexist in the locker rooms of these gentlemen (and not only); one consistent and structuring, the other sober and refined.

If the difference seems imperceptible to you, we advise you to take a look at the final scene of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” ; you will see Audrey Hepburn sublimate the first and George Peppard magnify the second.


The Mac revised and modernized

Historically, the Mac embodies the meeting between innovation and functionality. On the open sea, for leisure or at the front, these clothes had to be present with reliability, practicality and efficiency.

At Hast, it is precisely this double heritage that we wanted to sublimate by adapting this iconic reference to contemporary issues.

Historically consistent, bold and resolutely modern, our interpretation of the mac is more than an invitation to travel: it is a declaration of love.

Double-sided elegance

Perhaps you saw through this double-deal: our Mac is reversible. A detail that is not one, this unique property will allow you to put yours on the right side or the reverse with the same success ; which is not given to all clothes.

The result of expert work, this feat is based on a complex and demanding construction at the assembly stage. Unlike most two-sided pieces, its two sides are not glued but subtly connected, which ensures a clean and precise fit on both sides. Goodbye to asymmetries, tensions and unsightly folds.

On the back side, you will be dealing with 130 gr/m2 water-repellent cotton , ideal for facing bad weather in complete elegance. On the front side, it is a certified mulesing free wool weave that will reach out to you. With its delicious herringbone pattern and its 260 gr/m2, it will seriously protect you from the treacherous coolness of the off-season.

And for total pleasure, we offer you two copies of this spectacular reversible Mac : a navy blue model combined with anthracite herringbone wool and another beige paired with an ecru and faded khaki chevron pattern. Sober and fresh tones or warm and bright, it's up to you.

Balmacaan tunes

In honor of its clean and refined design, we have worked the proportions of our reversible Mac with the greatest care. For us who value balance and accuracy, it was essential to respect its wise and distinguished lines, without falling into caricature.

To do this, we took the bold step of cutting our Mac according to the boss of Balmacaan. Straight fit, raglan armhole, buttoned tightening tabs at the cuffs, side pockets, 3/4 thigh length : you will find all the details that made the Balmacaan the revelation of our fall-winter collection.

Coupling the traditional codes of Mac with the beauty of Balmacaan, our reversible coat absolutely captures the best of both worlds: classic elegance and tender irreverence.

Carry the Hast Reversible Mac

With undyed ecru herringbone patterned pants , you will remind him of his sportswear past across the Channel, golf games and hunting days; combined with a sailor sweater , you will resurrect the hours spent sailing on all the seas of the globe; on chinos , you will play the military style card; in the company of a suit , you will strike the sensitive chord of distinction; while you will get the most out of her toupee by wearing it over a sweatshirt.

This is all the more true for this lightweight reversible coat , whose two sides increase versatility and multiply the possibilities. Is your outfit lacking texture to your liking? So expose its washed wool herringbone. A little rain or a stuffy event on the horizon? Turn around and immediately reveal its water-repellent cotton. A drop in the mercury accompanies the showers of March? Return to the woolly side of the force. And so on.

Jeans or chinos , pleated or cargo pants , hoodie or polo shirt, small turtleneck or chunky knit : it will go with your entire wardrobe and will effortlessly enhance even the smallest of your compositions.

You will love to turn your jacket inside out

A concentrate of ingenuity and a small marvel of execution , our reversible Mac finds itself at the point of balance between heritage and innovation. Inspired by the Balmacaan that you enjoyed this winter, it offers you two equally attractive faces: water-repellent cotton to stay dry and washed wool to stay warm. A must-have for the off-season, available now .