Hast lance son podcast, Honest

Hast launches his podcast, Honest

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Since our creation in 2012, we have been convinced of the importance of communication based on honesty and kindness. Hast is above all a community of people sharing the same values. This is why we have always been keen to offer you diverse and original content, highlighting know-how and inspiring personalities. Naturally, we liked the podcast. It is a different, informal and dynamic format, allowing us to think about our societies, thereby recounting the work and struggles of women and men.

Hast is much more than a clothing brand. We want to inspire you: through look ideas or educational content about our industry but also by reflecting, on a daily basis, on our practices. Always, at the bottom line, the desire to share things that touch us. This is the essence of the podcast by Hast, HONEST .

Explorers, entrepreneurs, 3.0 journalists… The people we meet in this podcast have decided to give meaning to their actions and, beyond that, to their lives. During a series of interviews, we will discover the journey of these personalities, but also their struggles and their reasons for acting. From Greenland to the Cape of Good Hope, they have chosen to act and propose solutions. To raise awareness of ecological issues, the importance of diversity or the transformation of the industry, each of our guests guides us in an inspiring quest for meaning, theirs, and ours.

Every month, discover two new episodes of our series. Éric Bellion, self-taught Vendée Globe sailor, gives us the pleasure of inaugurating this podcast series. Also find the testimony of Victoire Satto, founder of the dedicated to responsible fashion TheGoodGoods.

Our podcasts are available on all listening platforms . On your headphones!