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The flip side of our 'Honest Everyday' signature

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More than a motto, a state of mind

At Hast, honesty is a cornerstone value. A guiding principle. Since 2012, it has structured both our wardrobe, the way we build it, and how we envision our role. Behind our slogan "Honest everyday," a genuine ethic is revealed, and it is this ethic that we dedicate today's article to.

Honesty in everyday life, since day one

For the record, Hast is nothing but the acronym for the expression "Honest And Simple Trend." At the beginning, the notion of honesty was prevalent enough to be an integral part of the project, determining even its name. A decade later, it is still invariably so, proudly displayed on the front of our caps, T-shirts, and sweaters.

Indeed, the "Honest everyday" motto is accompanied by a code of conduct that permeates every one of our initiatives. More than a statement of intent, it is for us an authentic commitment, a real promise, and a categorical imperative. In fact, honesty at Hast is understood less as a benevolent posture than as an active, concrete, and measurable approach. As a company, brand, subcontractor, client, or clothing creator, we establish it as a cardinal value and ensure to place honesty at the center of all our interactions, with our artisan partners, customers, and collaborators.

"Honest everyday," an embodied signature

At Hast, we make a point of making honesty the driving force of our activity at all levels:

1. In the making of our clothes

In the heart of an industry sadly known for its harmfulness, honesty is even more precious because it is rare. At the scale of our wardrobe, it manifests itself in many ways.

    • Firstly, we only use natural or recycled raw materials, mostly labeled. For your health, the planet, maintenance, and recyclability, this is a point on which we do not compromise, and we are proud to have achieved this goal.

    • Next, we carefully select our partners in Europe, using demanding criteria in terms of CSR, know-how, and proximity. A way to ensure you get high-quality products, made by artisans whose working conditions we know and whose expertise we recognize.

    • Finally, we design timeless and unfading clothes. Reliable, comfortable, well-thought-out cuts, insensitive to the passage of time and trends. In short, a guarantee of permanence.

    • All of this, we offer you at a fair price all year round, without unreasonable margins or hidden costs. That's also honesty.

2. In our communication

The opaque nature of the textile industry being evident to everyone, it was important for us to assume this ambition of honesty even in our statements, both internally and externally. Again, this aspiration takes several forms.

    • Firstly, we hope to make our clothes vehicles for a set of values. It's not just about conscientiously making excellent pieces but also about conveying a certain idea of responsibility, fairness, and common sense. Our silhouette is not only that of the Hast Man but also an allegory of simplicity and exigency.

    • Secondly, we strive to care for the traceability of our creations to allow you to invest knowingly. For example, we have committed to the CELC (European Confederation of Linen and Hemp) to trace and guarantee the origin of our linen. Trust is a key factor in our approach, and our decade of experience in the sector has allowed us to strengthen lasting relationships with workshops in Europe based in Portugal, Italy, the Baltic States, and Scotland. Although timid, the trend towards reshoring also helps us introduce an increasing amount of "Made in France" into our collections, to our delight.

    • Thirdly, we maintain a real culture of transparency, whether it's our methods, pricing policy, or environmental impact. On this last point, we have relied on the UTOPIES® firm to carry out our voluntary Carbon Balance. This, a testament to our desire to do less and do better, is available in full on our website.

3. In our professional relationships

Internally and externally, we embrace this ambition of honesty. And for a good reason, we are fully aware that exemplarity must start with us, in the office. Indeed, the "Honest everyday" signature also serves as a model for our employees, guiding both our daily exchanges and decisions.

In our view, this alignment within the team conditions its cohesion, strength, and unity. Consequently, it ensures a perfect match between our ends and means, which is a guarantee of coherence and a promise of viability.

Honest Everyday, user manual

If we allowed ourselves to embroider our signature on our T-shirts, our sweatshirts, our caps, or our anniversary jersey, it's precisely because the commitments mentioned above made this decision legitimate in our eyes. In the era of widespread greenwashing, it was unthinkable to display such a message without concrete actions, and we only did it because a decade of actions allowed us to do so.

With all modesty and humility, it is a similar attitude that we recommend you adopt to dress responsibly. Love the pieces in your closet rather than your neighbor's, take care of them, make them last even if you have to mend them, favor natural materials whose wearing and care are kinder than synthetic fibers, prioritize second-hand and/or local and responsible production when buying, learn to decipher labels and understand brand communication, understand the production chain of a garment to better grasp its impact: these are the basic rules to put honesty back at the heart of clothing consumption.

At Hast, this philosophy has permeated our DNA since the dawn of our history, and we know that our customers share both its precepts and its method.

Honesty at your service

As the textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world, we obviously fully understand the mission we have set for ourselves. With honesty as our flagship, we remain faithful to our initial promise: to offer accessible quality clothing by maximizing their value while minimizing their impact.

We embrace this ambitious goal by bringing together noble fibers, durable materials, impeccable know-how, fair and comfortable cuts, and timeless pieces. We offer these at a fair price all year round, maintaining absolute transparency about our pricing policy. Reasoned production, total traceability, European manufacturing, measured and sober communication, honesty in our internal exchanges, in our business relationships with our partner workshops, in our interactions with you on the web and in the store: this has been our recipe since 2012, and we don't plan to change it.

While we do not claim superiority or perfection, being aware that there is ample room for improvement in each of the aforementioned areas, we can at least say without blushing that we are doing our best. In the social, economic, and climatic context that is ours, we humbly work to dress change with dignity, realism, and honesty; and we are extremely grateful to have you by our side to shape this future.

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