Comment porter une chemise blanche ?

How to wear a white shirt?

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Wear a white men's shirt properly.

On September 10, 2012, Hast sold his very first piece. Which ? We give it to you in a thousand: an elegant white poplin shirt . Like a symbol.

Ten years later, our range has expanded to make room for all the essentials of the classic men's wardrobe, but we must recognize that the link that unites us to this piece remains special, sentimentally and historically. In homage to our first love and with a decade of hindsight on the issue, we invite you to question the best ways to wear the white shirt.

Fabrics that speak volumes.

If it is not learned at school (although!), believe me that fabrics have a language of their own. Before thinking about color or collar, make sure to understand that of your shirt to avoid any misunderstandings. Whether you are bilingual or a beginner, a quick reminder is necessary to master the basics of this warp and weft language:

  • The dobby : named after the loom that allows it to be weaved, the “honeycomb” . Extremely refined, this subtly embossed weave provides consistency and elegance, which is why it is regularly popular in (very) formal registers. If the opportunity arises to wear a tuxedo, you will probably wear it with a white dobby shirt, and you will do well.

  • Poplin : emblematic material of the formal shirt , poplin takes its name from the papal city of Avignon where it was invented in the 15th century. Thanks to relatively fine threads and a very tight weave , this canvas has a smooth and silky appearance which makes it the main ally for dressy outfits. Fine, supple and light , poplin is undoubtedly the most effective fabric for making a simple, no-frills formal shirt.

  • Pinpoint : a hybrid fabric if ever there was one, pinpoint remains in the fold of distinguished fabrics without hiding a taste for structure and density. Prodigiously combining the weave of the Oxford and the fineness of the poplin , it constitutes a formal variation of the first, or a less strict variation of the second. An in-between? Let's rather say a happy medium.

  • Oxford : noticeably thicker than poplin, Oxford is known as the white wolf among casual shirt lovers. But not only. Doubled in warp and weft, the weave of this iconic canvas reveals a rich texture and unparalleled generosity . Historically found with threads of different colors, the Oxford now supports solid colors, with white going particularly well with the complexion. Finally, this basket weave fabric will make you happy four seasons a year, from the most casual looks to the most formal outfits. Versatile and versatile , it will enhance the slightest casual composition and disinhibit any ensemble deemed too strict. For a first shirt, the white Oxford is simply all-risk insurance.

  • Twill : unlike the previous fabrics, twill is not a plain weave but a so-called “twill” weave. Unlike the first, this is not obtained by the regular intercrossing of the warp and weft threads, but thanks to an offset of the latter during weaving. It is precisely this process which gives twill its characteristic diagonals (and which makes it so easy to iron). Silky and solid, we recommend this fabric in a formal register to honor its studied originality.

  • Chevron : just like twill, chevron is a twill fabric whose structure is worked to form a “zig-zag” pattern. By alternating up and down, the diagonals of the serge thus form herringbones, which is why our English-speaking friends decided to call this fabric “herringbone”. Here's one you won't forget. PS: the white chevron patterned shirt has such richness and relief that we recommend the card of sobriety to complete your outfit.

  • Linen : although it is less a fabric than a raw material, linen has such special properties that it seems right to add it to this list. Quick drying, exceptional absorbency, thermoregulatory power: this natural fiber , which looks like the eighth wonder of the world, allows us to consider casual white shirts that are particularly popular in summer. Combined or not with other materials, it offers a dry and rustic hand to any fabric to give it an irregular grain that is as tasty as it is imperfect. Lovers of workwear, followers of the Riviera style and other worshipers of raw materials: everyone can relate to linen.

The case of the passes.

The icing on the cake is that the collar of a white shirt is far from trivial. Its shape, its length, its details, all say something about the one they crown. From the most formal to the most casual, we suggest you review them to master their meaning and essence. Dressed collars: designed to accommodate a tie or bow tie, these collars display a presence and proportions that match this ambition. At Hast, large collars, English collars, wing collars and pin collars belong to this category of sartorial inspiration. Consistent with fabrics of the same vein, they will allow you to create distinguished outfits without false notes.

Versatile collars : more versatile, our French , semi-cutaway, club or buttoned collars are also more permissive. You can tame these with or without a tie and integrate them into much more casual outfits. Unsurprisingly, you will find them on shirts made with more textured fabrics and closer to the casual world.

Special collars : if you know our attachment to the world of shirts, you will not be surprised to discover pieces with special collars on our racks. This is the case for our mao , officer or even hidden button models. More confidential, these are not common in the streets and will allow you to add an unexpected touch to your white shirts and to your outfits.

There’s a white shirt for every style.

You already knew this if you read our shirt guide : nothing is more different from a white shirt than another white shirt. Between a linen popover and a dobby version, there is a world that allows us to glimpse the distance that can separate two apparently similar models.

Therefore, it is important to understand the different parameters studied above to best gauge which one will attract your favors in this or that context. Whether you put on a white shirt for a ceremony, a business dinner, a day at work or a lunch on the grass, the atmosphere will be different and so will your needs.

Generally speaking, the rule that prevails is the following: the more serious the occasion, the simpler it is to keep it simple. It’s hard to go wrong, in fact, with a white poplin shirt with a French collar . Symmetrically, the more informal the circumstances, the more eccentricity they admit (all things considered) in terms of fabric and collar.

As an example, here is the shirt we would choose depending on the situation:

Obviously, the codes presented here are less immutable rules than theoretical and general bases. Mastering them means above all giving yourself the right to free yourself from them with style; and it is in this spirit that all our white shirts offer you their services.

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