Comment la chemise formelle est-elle redevenue sexy ?

How did the formal shirt become sexy again?

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The formal shirt, we no longer need to introduce it, is an essential piece of the men's wardrobe, and it's not the Hast teams who will tell you the opposite. Professional uniform to wear with a tie, obligatory outfit for major events, extra class for an evening with friends: if the shirt remains appropriate in exceptional moments, it has today become democratized, imtely bringing its dose of attitude and charisma to the one who wears it. An absolute symbol of elegance and a certain assumed virility, the formal shirt has even become downright sexy again over time. No wonder then that the greatest icons of cinema use it as a means of asserting their status as men of recognized elegance. Between the perfect gentleman, the brazen seducer, the vigilante or the criminal, Hast invites you to rediscover this iconic piece through a short overview of the greatest mythical figures of cinema in shirts.

The little story of the shirt...

To understand the myth, first a little history. The origin of the shirt dates back to antiquity under the name "tunica", where it is used as underwear, made from natural materials. It was not until the Renaissance that the shirt became a garment, with its famous removable collars.

In the 18th century, the shirt was made of delicate materials such as silk and became a mark of social distinction. Then with the democratization of suits among the more popular classes, we saw the appearance of a wide range of shirts with new colors and why not patterns or stripes. In the 1930s, the removable collar gave way to fixed collars and the shirt has continued to evolve since then until it became the iconic symbol we know today.

The shirt, a sexy symbol through 4 legendary cinema figures

John Travolta in Reservoir Dog

Tarantino likes to dress his criminals in a “mod” style: black suit, skinny tie and formal shirt . Elevated to the rank of icon with the film Grease, John Travolta abandons his black t-shirt and wears the white shirt perfectly, playing with the codes of the villain disguised as an attractive businessman. Large collar, fitted waist without being too close to the body, the actor's style relies on a combo of sure values ​​and a timeless look that has largely proven itself.

Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love

In a completely different style, but just as sexy, Jacob Palmer, played by Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love, gives us advice on seduction and style. Embodying the self-confident man we all secretly want to become, sunglasses glued to his nose and a fitted 3-piece suit, Ryan Gosling also proudly sports a selection of shirts , each hotter than the last. Special mention to the blue striped shirt with a contrasting collar which brings a touch of fantasy, without ever tending towards bad taste.

Richard Gere in American Gigolo

Julian Kay, hero of the film, is a young gigolo serving high society women in the 1990s. When this character is also played by Richard Gere, icon of an entire generation, it inevitably makes for an explosive cocktail. Special mention to the scenes where Richard Gere discreetly unbuttons his shirt , making it a piece representative of a certain sensual masculinity.

Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders

When the actor accepts the role of the dangerous and mysterious Tommy Shelby in "Peaky Blinders", it is for him the third "villain" character that he has been given, after the Scarecrow in "Batman Begins" and a stalker in “Red Eye.” In his role in the series, the actor sports a definitely retro style, in England at the end of the 19th century. With a worked and vintage look, Cillian Murphy is a fan of the shirt with a fitted cut and details, such as the collar with a silver brass sponge or the hidden throat.

The formal shirt, directly associated with all the great male figures of our time, has a strong sexy potential that definitely no longer needs to be proven. Relentless when it comes to raising the temperature, it's still on your lover that she's sexiest. Carried casually open, this hybrid piece never ceases to surprise you.

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