Beau comme un costume en Fresco

Beautiful as a costume in Fresco

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Whether you've ever seen a wool suit is a certainty. Whether you have one or more in the closet, it's almost certain. But whether you own a Fresco wool suit , nothing is less certain.

And for good reason, this confidential matter is not common in the streets or in shops ; which makes us all the more proud to offer it to you for the very first time. Presentation.

Anatomy of Fresco

In Italian, “un affresco” is a mural painted on a damp coating to ensure the longevity of the colors. In the language of Molière, we speak of “fresco”, the translation of which literally means “in the cool”.

On the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo is undoubtedly one of the most famous frescoes.

However, it is neither towards France nor towards La Botte that we must turn to find the native land of Fresco, but rather towards the United Kingdom.

Indeed, it was in England that the company Martin Sons & Company patented this light and airy fabric in 1907 , named after its freshness and durability. From the beginning of the 20th century, Fresco was presented in newspapers as a fabric that was “tear-proof, robust and brightly colored; which is suitable for both men and women, does not shrink, does not crease and can be cleaned without risk of deformation or alteration.

Even today, these properties are constitutive of Fresco fabric , but it is above all its breathability that has won over the world.

Particularly demanding, the manufacture of this master canvas is subject to extremely strict specifications , at the crossroads between art and science.

Nowadays, it is the Hardy Minnis company (a subsidiary of the Huddersfield group - like Martin Sons & Company ) which ensures its production . Holder of a Royal Warrant Appointment - a prestigious mandate issued to companies which supply goods and services to the British Court - it also protects the registered trademark, making it the only one authorized to produce the original Fresco.

On the market, other brands offer similar materials under the name "cold wool", "dry wool" or even "tropical wool", but only Hardy Minnis has the right and the competence to manufacture Fresco. Here's how.

Firstly, you must carefully choose merino wool fibers , a natural raw material known for its softness and elasticity. This step allows spinners to create strong, silky yarns, which are then twisted and turned on themselves using a so-called “high twist” process. Once woven, these twisted yarns offer a dry and supple weave with an impeccable drape. Furthermore, this weave is deliberately loose and open , combining flexibility and ventilation like no other.

Light , breathable and wrinkle-resistant , Fresco is logically the queen material of summer, which is why we went to England to find it at Hardy Minnis to dress your future summer costumes.

The ultimate Hast piece

We can say it: this two-piece Fresco wool suit reflects our idea of ​​clothing.

It reflects the care with which we select exceptional, natural and responsible materials. He says the application that we place in the search for the best workshops and the finest European know-how . It also says the point of honor that we make to benefit, if not as many people as possible, at least as many as possible.

For Hast, offering a ready-to-wear Fresco wool suit is the inexpressible pride of offering the general public the very best in terms of expertise and craftsmanship. A fabric revered even at Buckingham Palace, which we are honored to make available to you on our new website and in stores .


The unbearable lightness of the Fresco suit

We regularly hear that elegance and warmth are allergic to each other, and it is clear that chic tends to melt in the sun. Fortunately, the distinction has not said its last word, and our Fresco costume is here to remind you of it.

In addition to a material whose merits we have long praised, we have worked on its cut to make it the official partner of your summers. Far from heavy winter outfits, here we have favored a delicate and airy construction , like a complete “second skin”.

Barely lined, the jacket offers a minimal structure that will keep you cool even in the hottest of July. At shoulder level, we chose a natural line in a Neapolitan style , the most fluid and relaxed alternative in our eyes. For its part, the 8.5 cm lapels will provide welcome consistency at the torso level, which will outline your bust without overloading it. Balance, more balance, always balance.

At the bottom, these are pants cut from the same 280 gr/m² Fresco wool which will have the mission of giving you beautiful legs. With its straight cut, its two pairs of pleats and its 19.5 cm leg opening, there is no doubt that it will combine comfort, delicacy and lightness like no other. A resurgence of an era when these gentlemen stored their tocante there, we have placed a coin pocket under the belt, in the form of a little stylistic nod. If you wear your watch on your wrist like everyone else, you can at least store your bank card or a few coins there.


Wear the Hast suit in Fresco wool

Soft, light and wrinkle-resistant, Fresco wool is one of the most versatile materials available. Mounted on a suit with a classic design, although closer to the Italian style than to English austerity, it offers you endless possibilities.

The most obvious solution is certainly to wear the suit with a white shirt , combined with a pair of loafers, and this is likely what most of you will be doing this summer at weddings and other ceremonies. Simple and efficient.

However, nothing prevents you from playing the originality card and combining this suit with more daring pieces , such as a western shirt , a colorful t-shirt or a knitted polo shirt . In the same way, canvas tennis shoes, mules or sandals would break the formality of the outfit and add a touch of tasty audacity. Ideal for going to work prepared without being too basic.

Without forgetting the secret trick of this suit: the mismatch. It's a tip that works every time, and we warmly invite you to make it your own. Jump into your Fresco pants, leaving the jacket in the locker room; or wear the latter by pairing it with jeans , shorts or chinos , the result can only be beautiful.

The final word

A combination of a prestigious material, a demanding cut and a modern design, this Fresco suit embodies the quintessence of Hast style. A fair and balanced style, conscious of the world and determined to dust off the formal register.

A style that reflects you, no matter what.