Collection: Chevron pattern

Herringbone is a fabric which, like twill, is based on a twill weave and therefore provides a subtle relief to the shirt. It's a fabric that's easy to iron and brings a certain sober distinction to your outfit.

With its many graphic qualities, the chevron occupies a special place in the men's wardrobe. Less common than twill, from which it uses the process, this zigzag pattern is often associated with a typically British elegance. It is often found on tweed jackets and vests prized by gentlemen farmers, these elegant English owners with a carefully studied rusticity. If the Hast chevron shirt takes up the famous pattern, it is in a much more urban and modern perspective, only distilling this vintage spirit with sober and delicate touches. We therefore offer a subtle balance between originality and versatility with this all-purpose fabric, easy to combine and yet visually stimulating.

What is chevron fabric?

When it comes to men's fashion, the chevron most often refers to a type of weave, a weaving technique that allows you to obtain this zigzag effect. There is therefore no need to resort to dyeing: to obtain a men's chevron shirt, all you need to do is arrange the threads in a certain way. Like twill, the herringbone is based on a twill weave. Unlike the very common plain weave, where the warp threads (in length) and the weft threads (in width) intertwine in a regular manner (one above, one below), twill consists of modifying these intervals of so as to obtain an illusion of diagonal. For example, we can pass a warp thread under two weft threads, each time shifting the starting point. Using threads of different colors, for example alternating a light shade and a dark shade, will accentuate this effect. If, despite these explanations, you struggle to imagine the final result, take a close look at your jeans, which are also made of twill. For the chevron, it's more or less the same thing; we use the same method to create the illusion that the oblique lines respond to each other.

Why choose herringbone?

Like all of our shirts, our Hast chevron shirts are 100% cotton. In the formal version, they have a yarn count averaging 100/2. In the casual version, we find it with a buttoned collar and pleats for maximum comfort. In all cases, the chevron pattern brings a discreet touch of originality to the room. Without much contrast, this atypical weave gives a textured aspect to the shirt. It is the ideal choice to subtly reinforce the elegance of an outfit, without the need to resort to overly visible patterns or a flashy color. Finally, our herringbone shirt isn't the only one with this aesthetic. We find it on our work jackets, to which it gives a vintage touch.