L'esprit tailleur

The tailor's spirit

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With these three sets, we are taking an important step: it is a project that we built together, with your feedback, through the discussions we had with you, one of the first that we wanted to develop when we decided to turn to new know-how. We thought long and hard about launching tailored suits following your requests. But it is an expertise in its own right and we wanted to remain specialists in shirtmaking, taking the time to train ourselves. We have taken a first step, which we are sure you will like!

Speaking of suits, one of the biggest problems is that you often have to buy the jacket and pants at the same time, without being able to mismatch them. But we don't all have a "standard" body shape (and it's actually quite rare in the end) or quite simply, you only want one piece out of the two.

We have therefore chosen to give you the option of offering you a complete set, with different sizes if necessary, or each piece separately. Some people prefer to wear our jackets with jeans. Some our elegant pants with a jacket. Or both together, for work or pleasure. It will be up to you to decide!

Three jackets and three pants with a tailored feel. For fabrics, we turned to our renowned Italian suppliers: Vitale Barberis Canonico and Angelico. We chose wool flannels of the ideal thickness, between formal and casual style, for the sake of adaptability, just the way you like it (we saw this with our classic cut casual shirts)!

We entrusted the creation of these jackets and pants to Gérard, who founded his workshop specializing in tailoring in Romania. A “Sartoria” which made our sets with the same quality standards as for tailor-made items.

Want to know more about what you wear? We invite you to discover behind the scenes of this tailoring workshop . A brief history of jackets and pants.

Elegant and easy to combine jackets. For our first flannel jackets, as always, we have not skimped on quality. We bought two supple and soft blue and gray flannels, which do not crease (or almost) at Angelico. Our other fabric, more vintage, comes from Vitale Barberis Canonico, certainly one of the most renowned drapers among “sarti”.

Many men around us told us about their difficulty in finding a jacket and pants set that didn't look too office-like.

You don't change a cup that wins. For the construction, we kept the same details as for our summer jackets. A cut that falls well on the shoulders, slightly fitted at the waist, with two slits at the back to allow movement.

You will also find the flexible Neapolitan shoulder, which allows you to structure the jacket without making it too imposing, which is particularly appreciated under a coat in winter, to keep you warm in complete elegance. Last but not least, we opted for “kissing buttons” on the sleeves, the kind of detail that stands out.

To put together and mismatch as you wish, we have imagined three pants halfway between chinos and sartorial pants, made from the same high-end flannels as our jackets.

Many men around us told us about their difficulty in finding work pants that they could also wear for the pleasure of being well dressed. They were looking for the versatile piece, one that was neither too “white collar” nor too casual. So we reworked the cut of our chinos to give a more “suitable” feel to our pants: a higher waist, a refined belt and a slightly straighter cut.

The length of our pants was deliberately designed without a hem, so that you can adjust them directly to your measurements. So yes, this implies that you make a hem in all cases... but it's the tailoring spirit that we were looking for.

If you want a specific address, here are the retouchers located in Montorgueil and Batignolles with whom we are used to working, and who do a good job. As an indication, a simple hem will cost you between €7 and €14.

  • (literally) a stone’s throw from our Batignolles boutique

    Seam Couture & Alterations
    15 rue du Mont Doré, 75017 Paris

  • In the Montorgueil district, near our first store

    Zelda Touchups
    9 rue Mandar, 75002 Paris

  • At home (our partner for several years) Tilli.

How to choose the right length?

Suit up! Whether you wear our pants with nice sneakers or leather ankle boots, our jackets with casual flannel or formal French cuff shirts, you will always look stylish! Easy and pleasant to wear, soft materials that don't weigh down the silhouette... It's a match!

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