Pour Noël, mettez-vous sur votre 25

For Christmas, dress up to your 25th.

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Ah, the holidays! Every year in December, they arrive in our lives with their sleigh full of gifts, illuminations, and bonbons. Each day, the atmosphere becomes more magical, the air filled with the scent of pine, and the streets... with ugly sweaters.

Because, yes, as unlikely as it may seem, even the land of Haute Couture has succumbed to the strange phenomenon of "Ugly Christmas parties." Originating in North American universities last century, these parties were an opportunity for participants to wear "original" clothes knitted by their families.

Thanks to the uplifting influence of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Harry Potter, Bridget Jones, or The Office, this American custom has crossed borders to conquer the world, even becoming part of Christmas folklore. Better yet, an "International Ugly Sweater Day" is now dedicated to it every third Friday of December.

For us, who value elegance and precision, this celebration of the ugly (and the associated consumer excesses) doesn't excite us much. That being said, we understand that the magic of the holidays needs to infuse into the wardrobe, to lighten up moments that were once very serious.

In this spirit, we've put together a dozen looks worthy of the most beautiful letters to Santa. A mix of elegant and striking inspirations, perfect for putting you, if not on your 31st, at least on your 25th.

The Christmas lookbook

Inspiration #1: The Big Kid

How distant the time when we would jump out of bed and rush to the Christmas tree on the morning of the 25th. Such was the magic of Christmas: opening the much-anticipated presents in pajamas, with eyes still sleepy and yellow.

And what if we told you that this time was not lost? Put on some generous loose pants, an organic cotton hoodie, and a pair of opera pumps (or any other slippers): you will probably rediscover the joy of being 7 years old.

Inspiration #2: The Ideal Son-in-law

Make no mistake: many still take Christmas seriously in terms of dressing. And that's great. To show you're up to the event, don't hesitate to wear a suit: a way of indicating that you respect your guests and value these joyful hours.

Inspiration #3: The Casual

You'll say, no need to put on a three-piece suit to enjoy the moment: a well-cut chino, a casual shirt adorned with a nice pattern, and you're good to go. Don't like burgundy? Prefer navy and carpe diem.

Inspiration #4: The Ivy Leaguer

What better time than a family meal to play the gently dissident card of the Ivy League style? Distorting the formal codes of their fathers, students from prestigious US universities invented this marvel of quiet disobedience, pushing elegance to its limits. Moccasins and white socks, tie and cap, these are typically Ivy combinations that will stir as much indignation as envy around the table.

Inspiration #5: The Dreamer

Suspended moments, out of time and almost unreal, the end-of-year holidays sometimes take on the texture of a dream. A sensation that might make you want to stay in pajamas, especially if yours is as elegant as this one. To avoid catching a cold, we still recommend pairing it with a protective piece, like this ineffable Balmacaan. A waking dream.

Inspiration #6: The Romantic

He's the one who speaks little. The one who listens a lot. He pays attention to intonations, gestures, and looks. He usually gives the most beautiful gifts and is grateful to receive, in return, some rum babas, a Swiss knife, and the latest Renaudot. He doesn't like the spotlight or the limelight, which is why he dresses simply. Perfectly simply. At Christmas, he chooses trousers with pleats, a button-down shirt, a subtly contrasting tie hidden imtely under a polo collar sweater. Excellence without extravagance. You know him, don't you? Maybe you are even the romantic yourself.

Inspiration #7: The Hedonist

When the intense colors of autumn give way to the dull winter palette, December is adorned with sad shades where grays, browns, and greens all lean toward black. A piece of advice? Don't succumb to gloominess. On the contrary, unleash light tones and comforting patterns. Aim for white, cream, and summer colors: the night may fall at 4 pm, but it will still be beautiful in your heart for a long time.

Inspiration #8: The Rebel

Respecting traditional codes? Not for the rebel who prefers to subvert them. Count on him to wear a two-piece suit, oh yes, but don't think he'll do it like everyone else. Conformity, okay; conformism, never.

Inspiration #9: The Precious

It goes without saying, the precious one is a master. His understanding of color combinations is almost grammatical. Colors have no secrets for him, just like textures and volumes; and he balances these parameters with an expertise that borders on alchemy. Just look at this range of greens to be convinced: from the shirt to the jacket, including the trousers and accessories, everything is carefully organized (with a touch of 'don't touch me').

Inspiration #10: The Cartesian

Between us, the Cartesian leaves nothing to chance. His outfit is designed so that each element can come and go without degrading its overall balance. Tones resonate, materials communicate, gloves and hat complete the picture. He dresses therefore he is.

Inspiration #11: The Troublemaker

If there's one who knows how to flirt with limits and conventions, it's the troublemaker. Don't count on him to respect dress codes and other established practices. What matters to him is the freedom to experiment to his heart's content. Often for the better, let's agree on that.

The Final Word

So, have you found your totem style for a colorful Christmas? If yes, you know what to do.

On our side, we wish you the best for this holiday season, and we'll see you next year.

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