Sport jacket, la classe à l'anglaise

Sport jacket, English class

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The men's wardrobe has many interesting pieces, but the " sport coat " or " sport jacket " remains one of the classics of masculine elegance.

This jacket, too often relegated to the rank of formal wardrobe pieces, is nevertheless initially a piece considered casual. Made from beautiful, durable materials, such as linen in summer or tweed (carded wool) in winter, this type of jacket has the particularity of being able to be worn with pants of a dissimilar fabric - unlike suit jackets traditional. You can therefore wear them with your favorite jeans as well as with dressier chinos. The "sport jacket" is also recognized as a very easy to style piece, at the crossroads between the formal and casual spheres.

A short, non-exhaustive history of the sport jacket

In the middle and second half of the 19th century, the sport coat, as it was called in England, was a sturdy outdoor jacket used particularly for shooting sports such as hunting, but also for fishing or horse riding. These jackets made from very resistant fabrics, often in virgin wool, aim to protect the body, while providing the wearer with a certain elegance. Hunting and horse riding were in fact sports reserved for the bourgeois, even noble, spheres.

The famous Norfolk jacket, one of the most famous "sport jackets", was designed especially for shooting games. Subsequently, these jackets were gradually shortened to approach the current length. A symbol of English class, these jackets are today used both in more formal contexts, in place of a suit, or in a more casual context, to go to a restaurant, to a wedding or a dinner between friends.

The sports jacket, Hast version

For the Goût du Sel collection, we have developed two new jacket models, in chevron-patterned wool, one green and one blue. Our models are faithful to all the codes of the traditional sports jacket. Both models are designed with Neapolitan shoulders - shoulders that conform to the body, constructed without shoulder pads - and a beautiful lining.

Both have three pockets at the front, a chest pocket, as well as two pockets at the bottom: on the green one, these are patch pockets, on the blue one, flap pockets. Inside, find two large pockets and the traditional coin pocket.

Here, some look ideas to inspire you. We decided to wear them with jeans, a leather belt and a shirt (one pine green in velvet, one in light blue flannel). Did you say formal? We say chic, in all circumstances.

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