Histoire d'un succès : le tee-shirt

Success story: the t-shirt

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First used as underwear, it was not until it crossed paths with Navy soldiers and Hollywood movie stars that the t-shirt became the icon we know. A true Swiss army knife of style, it is today THE essential piece of the wardrobe. The t-shirt , which simply means “T-shaped shirt”, has crossed fashions and eras, with its timeless design and comfortable material. To celebrate the arrival of spring, and also (especially) our new collection of t-shirts, the Hast teams invite you to a little retrospective around its history. A look back at a success story never before equaled.

The t-shirt… was first an underwear

As strange as it may seem today, the t-shirt was originally an item of underwear and was therefore not considered a separate item. If several hypotheses are considered to explain its appearance, we would have to go back to the Middle Ages to discover the first traces of the t-shirt. Made of cotton or woven linen, it is worn as an underlay of clothing. During the 19th century, the t-shirt underwent significant developments and was designed in larger quantities, thanks in particular to technological advances in weaving. It was at the end of this century that it took off with the soldiers of the British, then American, navy, who integrated it into their regulatory uniforms. Easy to produce and very comfortable, the t-shirt has first and foremost a purely hygienic and functional use.

The t-shirt, from the army to Hollywood, a paradigm shift

So how did the t-shirt go from a simple piece of underwear to the symbol of an entire generation? Naturally enough, after the war, American soldiers abandoned their uniforms but kept the habit of wearing a T-shirt. It was then adopted in the world of sport in the 1930s, before arriving on film sets. The biggest stars of the time began to wear white t-shirts , expressing a form of virility previously unknown. How can we forget Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire in 1951 ? The cut adjusts and its shape becomes the symbol of radiant and rebellious youth. The myth was born.

The t-shirt as a tool for self-affirmation

Following its momentum, the t-shirt became completely democratized, all over the world, from the 70s with the arrival of new cultures, such as rock music or hippie fashion. Exit the basic white t-shirt: the customization of textiles allows you to renew the codes, shapes and colors, to the point of imagining infinite variations. The printed t-shirt becomes a means of expression, a way of asserting one's tastes or one's belonging to a group. Very quickly, brands seized on the trend and offered t-shirts bearing a logo or slogan. A high-performance communication tool, the t-shirt is taking over the wardrobe.

What about the t-shirt today?

A casual piece par excellence, the t-shirt can be worn every day but also goes perfectly with a more formal style or a suit. The world of luxury also quickly took hold of it and the t-shirt regularly appears on fashion shows, underlining its iconic status in the same way.

Tell me what t-shirt you're wearing, I'll tell you who you are

Today, there is an infinite multitude of t-shirts, to choose according to your preferences. V-neck, round or crew neck? Patch pocket on the front? Cuffs? Loose or fitted? : the t-shirt is available in different neckline shapes, sleeve lengths, materials or cuts.

At Hast, while we obviously have unconditional love for the t-shirt, we also believe that its future depends on more responsible production. This is why, for the new season, we invite you to discover our GOTS certified organic cotton t-shirts or those made from a linen and cotton blend. Very light, in sunny shades, they will follow you on all your summer adventures.

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