Rétrospective de l’année 2022

Retrospective of the year 2022

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With 2022 over, it is time for us to take stock of a period rich in emotions, marked by the desire to assert ourselves more. A look back at the key moments of this year and heading towards 2023!

Ode to beautiful materials and know-how

We offered, like every year, new collections in keeping with our times. Excellent tailoring, noble and durable materials, quality fabrics... always getting better and better! We are happy to promote the work of our partner workshops and to emphasize what is hidden behind the label.

In summer, our ode to linen concluded with a visit to the north of France to show you how this ecological material is produced. Three models of glasses 100% made in France have expanded our range, we also invite you to take a look behind the scenes of production in Oyonnax.

In winter, two new products entered the men's wardrobe. Recycled polyester and ß. Our checked overshirt incorporates the first of these, a great way to breathe new life into recyclable synthetic materials. Special mention also for our moleskin work jacket . A suede effect in 100% cotton . Find out everything you need to know about this subject in our dedicated article.

A desire to assert our identity and our values ​​to our customers and beyond.

To mark the 10th anniversary of our brand , we thought about a new version of our brand platform. This presents in an even more precise manner our identity, our directions, our values ​​and the universe that we wish to continue to develop. We slightly revised our logo, wrote a new manifesto and defined a more unique artistic direction which translated into our new fall-winter collection. A slight but essential shift. In order to assert this new platform and our positioning, we worked with several collaborators on impactful digital outreach.

Thank you to our partners for making the brand more visible in 2022, with the means at our disposal.

New inspiring content

This year we have once again developed inspiring content in harmony with our values. We've wrapped up our very first podcast series. HONEST, the podcast that makes you want to act with sincerity ! In this series, we go to meet actors of change. Women and men who have chosen to embark on inspiring projects with the sole objective of making our society and the world of tomorrow more united, more responsible and more sustainable! Meeting with strong and captivating personalities with unusual projects.

We also offered you more lifestyle content with Crafted Paris in order to highlight our products. A new photo and video format called Carte Blanche , the aim of which was to give you ideas for inspiring looks. A great success !

A growing team at headquarters and in stores

The desire to promote our brand is also accompanied by new talents at headquarters and in stores. And for good reason, in 2022 we are signing two new addresses ! We are continuing our Parisian conquest with a boutique on rue du Commerce in the heart of the 15th arrondissement. An influence that extends outside Paris, and more precisely in Lyon! After some work and a little patience, we will pack our bags in February 2023 and set off to meet our Rhone customers.

Commitment at the heart of our DNA

In terms of commitment, we are not left out. Several projects are continuing and new ones are emerging. Our involvement with the CELC on the subject of linen traceability in France began in 2021 and continued in 2022. Long-term work that we are carrying out in order to revalorize and understand the linen production chain in France. It is also thanks to this work on traceability that we met ArmorLux . From this meeting was born a collaboration which will see the light of day in 2023. The essence of this collaboration: two areas of expertise brought together around this responsible material. Linen!

We are still committed to more sustainable fashion and regularly speak out on this subject on our social networks, our site but also via media such as The good goods .

Environmental commitment but not only that. We have renewed our partnership with associations: for example, we donated complete outfits to Cravate Solidaire in order to support people in their job search. We spent a day with them to understand all the help offered by the volunteers. An enriching meeting that pushes us to get even more involved with associations in 2023.

Price increase without margin increase

For 10 years , fair prices have been a founding value of our company and yet we have had to increase them. It was not a question of increasing our margins but of following the increase in real costs linked, in particular, to inflation. We have also explained in complete transparency to our customers the reasons for this increase in a detailed article from January 2022. Costs which are certainly increasing but without ever reducing the quality-price ratio of our clothes and our desire to provide you with offer new models with precise finishes, noble materials and always 100% natural or recycled.

Our 10 YEARS

At the end of 2022, we celebrated our tenth candle. 10 years of shirts, fashion, meetings, commitments, authenticity and style. For our anniversary, the three founders of the brand took part in the question/answer game to look back on the progress made since 2012. Read or reread!

Consequently, it seemed appropriate to blow out our tenth candle by honoring those who have united us since the beginning: clothes. In a limited edition of 100 copies, we have imagined 10 iconic ones revisited especially for the occasion. 10 pieces in the form of a tribute to the history of Hast, its principles and its ambitions. 10 pieces, each more exceptional than the last, carefully crafted in absolutely sumptuous materials . 10 numbered, unique, singular pieces; to mark this wonderful anniversary forever.

See you on March 10 on our site to discover these exceptional pieces.

And in 2023?

- See you on February 4 in Lyon at 10 rue jean de toures, we set down our suitcases in the heart of the peninsula to conquer new clothing enthusiasts.

- In Paris, a new point of sale will open at the same time on Boulevard Haussmann. Come to the second floor of Galeries Lafayette to discover an extract of our know-how. 38 references available.

- On the program in March, you already know, see you on March 10, 2023 to celebrate ten years of clothing. We can't wait to tell you the full story of our collection. Exceptional !

- A summer season which will be rich in new products with a collection planned for the end of March placed under the sign of joie de vivre .

- In May, do what you like? At Hast we have chosen to make Linen. But not alone. A material that we have chosen to highlight alongside Armor Lux. A capsule collection of four products bringing together our two expertises: shirts and knitwear.

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