Quel type de chemise offrir à un homme à Noël ?

What type of shirt to give a man for Christmas?

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Passionate about style, Sunday dandies, worshipers of materials, eternally dissatisfied, champions of comfort, allergic to T-shirts, sensitive skin, reincarnations of James Stewart, Sunday zazous, family muses, ties by default, models of sobriety with assumed fantasies — today's men are no longer afraid to assume their style preferences.

Giving a shirt to a man as a gift, in 2020, is therefore as likely to please - because we like to dress well - as to displease - because we are more knowledgeable than ever.

But it is precisely because the contemporary masculine is as diverse as it is demanding that we have chosen, at Hast, to specialize in one of its most universal attributes. Our expertise, put to the service of carefully dressed men since 2012, is revealed through the thousand and one ways of wearing a shirt.

And if there is one thing that we have learned over time, it is that giving a man a shirt for Christmas amounts to projecting onto him the image that he sends back to us.

Here are some tips for precisely targeting the tastes and needs of the person you are giving your gift to — and finding the most appropriate shirt.

The different types of shirt wearers

If there are as many shirts as there are men - or men as shirts - we can nevertheless try to group them into a few non-exhaustive categories. Once your target group is determined, you will know how to give them the most appropriate men's shirt as a gift.

Large consumers

There are people who change their minds like they change their shirts, and people who change their shirts even more often than those change their minds. The first concerned are those who work under a relatively restrictive dress code, forcing them, even in a Zoom conference, to show their credentials by wearing, at least up to the waist, the famous suit and tie.

To find the right men's Christmas shirt , with this type of recipient, go and inspect their wardrobe. If the ensemble is sober – blue and white shirts without frills – it is better to stay subtle. Make your gift stand out with measured originality, by looking for an original weave, such as twill , pinpoint, flannel or fil-à-fil. It is a little trickier to give as a gift a men's shirt with an original collar such as a club collar or an officer collar, but if the person has already expressed their desire to diversify their wardrobe, then why not give it a try with different passes ?

Finally, if your budget allows it, please him with our premium shirt; a beautiful wrinkle-free white shirt , made in Europe and adorned with zampa di galina sewn mother-of-pearl buttons, it's the ideal shirt — and the promise of flawlessness.

Casual chic aficionados

For them, the shirt is not an obligation. It's a hobby, a fad, a mania, a passion even a priesthood. We wear it because we love it and it suits us well. We can show a temporary infidelity and play casual with an occasional t-shirt, but deep down, we are only really comfortable once the silhouette is delicately flattered by a well-tailored shirt.

For these, the opposite approach is recommended. We scan the locker room not to identify what dominates, but what is missing. And we will choose as a gift the men's shirt which will complete an already well-stocked arsenal. The beige flannel shirt, the one mixing club collar and chambray , the classic, but often forgotten gray oxford shirt, the checked twill shirt or the zephir shirt; It's up to you to find the new favorite of your shirt monomaniac.

Those who resist the shirt

Yes, it exists, and we can't say that we really understand it. But the question is: can you give a men's shirt for Christmas to someone who never wears one? We may lack objectivity, but our inner conviction of course tends to be in the affirmative.

Just choose the right one! For a novice, opt for a casual shirt instead. With its ease pleat in the back, its soft materials and its fairly short back, it can be worn almost like a t-shirt - or even with it, as a layer.

Think about it: giving a shirt as a gift to a man who never wears one is making this often hostile world at least a little more elegant. And no one will blame you for this well-felt proselytism.

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