Porter une chemise en jean : notre guide

Wearing a denim shirt: our guide

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Wearing a denim shirt is almost always a good idea. In any case, this was the opinion of Elvis Presley, Marvin Gaye and Bob Marley, who all knew how, in their own way, to immortalize this timeless piece.

And if the denim shirt has achieved such great success, it is not only because personalities have given it good publicity.

It also draws its recognition from the imagery it conveys. Indeed, denim is first and foremost America, not that of fast food and cubicles, but rather that of solitary cowboys and self-made men. In a word, denim is America's adventure.

Since then, as we will see, this emblematic material has come a long way: you can wear or give a denim shirt in many ways, without referring to the explorers of the Far West or the workers of Detroit.

Everything you need to know about the “Let's Get It On” singer's iconic look.

Choosing your denim shirt

A piece of character, the denim shirt comes in many ways. A look back at the cuts, materials, colors and finishes that will give it its personality.

The cup

A piece of character, the denim shirt comes in many ways. A look back at the cuts, materials, colors and finishes that will give it its personality.

The material

Here, on the other hand, you have great freedom of choice. We will, of course, find denim in thick fabric, which gives a more relaxed look. But we can also move towards softer materials, such as chambray, dobby, or even oxford to evoke denim without using it directly.

The colour

We often imagine ourselves wearing a denim shirt in its most famous variation: in blue. But, if we can play with light or dark shades depending on the chosen ensemble and the season, we can also be tempted by a more original shade like gray.


It is also possible to enrich the style of a denim shirt by opting for a model with a breast pocket and a buttoned collar, two casual and elegant variations.

What options with a denim shirt

The denim shirt suits (almost) all styles. And if it is never really formal, it can also be synonymous with elegance and refinement... provided you choose the right cut and the right combination of colors. A brief overview of the different possibilities.

Casual style

A great classic, this is the style that we recommend first at Hast. For a look that is both elegant and casual, opt for a button-down collared shirt, and combine it with chinos , jeans or pleated pants.

Workwear style

In the United States, wearing a denim shirt initially often meant working either in agriculture or in industry. And it is this blue-collar origin that icons of working-class America like Bruce Springsteen undoubtedly wanted to salute by adopting the denim shirt. With this in mind, you can pair it with cargo pants or, again, with jeans.

Chic style

Yes, you can also have a more chic look, if you know how to wear a denim shirt. You just have to choose it sober, in a rather fine weave, and combine it with a suit jacket , buttoned all the way to the top. Moccasins optional.

Rock & roll style

The denim shirt works wonders with a perfecto, and many rockers have understood that. Between large expanses and artistic rebellion, we bring a modern touch to a rebellious dandyism.

Urban style

Like many other street fashion figures, Kanye West is a die-hard fan of the denim shirt. To make it a strong piece in a more urban and casual look, choose it in the western style, with inserts, and wear it open, for example, over a white t-shirt.

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