Fêtes de fin d'année : notre sélection de tenues pour homme

End of year celebrations: our selection of outfits for men

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Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve are among those essential dates of the year when it's a must to dress up. And if women can play a thousand tricks to shine, men must demonstrate more subtlety. The reference outfit in this area has long been the tuxedo. Still relevant today, this can also be replaced by a costume , easier to adopt than the total James Bond look. In any case, after these two years of clothing shortage linked to the Covid period and its direct consequence, teleworking, we are more than delighted to be able to do too much for the holidays this year!

The tuxedo, a historic piece for men

Designed in 1860 for the Prince of Wales Edward VII, the tuxedo still remains a formal outfit and a guarantee of refinement today. This is a matching set, consisting of a straight or double-breasted jacket and pants with silk braid. Traditionally black or navy, the tuxedo is now available in different colors and materials, and can be worn with a vest or over a white shirt with a wing collar . A bow tie in silk grenadine – a material visually similar to knitting – can also add a touch of refinement to the outfit. Distinguished, both virile and delicate, the tuxedo is the elegant garment par excellence, and has been immortalized by many great cinema characters. Including James Bond, to name only the most famous.

The suit: simpler but just as elegant

Of course, we are aware that wearing a tuxedo for the end of year celebrations – including Christmas with family – could seem a little too dressy for ordinary mortals, including us. For this reason, we advise you to opt for a more classic, but equally elegant, suit.

Easier to wear, the suit is today the reference outfit for elegant sobriety for men. It is therefore often worn at work, in formal settings, but is also worn for festive occasions such as weddings or formal parties. At Hast, we like to mix universes. This is why the holidays seem to us to be the perfect time to give your costumes a little twist with the help of a few well-thought-out accessories. Allow yourself a few nice eccentricities like wearing a brightly colored bow tie or sneakers, more modern than traditional patent leather shoes. Another possibility is to mismatch the suit by combining a sports jacket with chinos or jeans, or by keeping the pants of the suit and mixing it with a work jacket, more casual and relaxed. So many ways to wear the costume and “dress up” without taking yourself too seriously.

At Hast, we love masculine elegance, but are convinced that style and originality are not ambivalent. So take advantage of the holiday context to treat yourself and let your sartorial creativity shine!

Happy Holidays,

The Hast team

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