Nos essentiels font peau neuve !

Our essentials are getting a makeover!

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Like the shirts that form its framework, the Hast wardrobe has been offering exceptional clothing for everyday life for over 10 years.

At the heart of this ambition, our “Essentielle” range perpetually presents the great classics of men’s wardrobe. Shirts , jeans , chinos , t-shirts and accessories are available all year round, in this brand new box.

A new showcase for our essential range

Since 2012, Hast has sought to capture the essence of an elegant and accessible style, imbued with transparency and eco-responsibility. More than a way of dressing, it is a philosophy. A statement of style and honesty whose essence is expressed through timeless creations.

Made up of pieces that are impervious to changing trends, our essential range crystallizes this vision of clothing.

Taking advantage of the redesign of our website , and in line with the new artistic direction that we have been offering for several months, we have embarked on a remodel of the visual identity of this range.

On the menu ? A sober and refined immersive experience, coupled with in-depth work on images and graphic research. An update carried out on several dozen articles, with the stated objective of clarifying our offer while boosting its image.

A simpler purchasing experience in a modernized graphic universe: this is the promise we make to you with this essential 2.0 range.

(Re)discovery of the essential Hast range

Beyond the aesthetic exercise carried out on the form, we have slightly retouched certain pieces from our essential range in the interests of harmony and timelessness.

Cuts, fabrics, collar panels, so many minor adjustments that bring these iconic items closer to their ultimate objective: to accompany you over the long term without showing the slightest wrinkle.

Without further ado, we present to you in turn the protagonists of this perpetual range:

    • Our timeless formal shirts : it's with them that we launched in 2012 and it's with them that the adventure continues today. Available in a wide choice of materials, crowned with various collars, dressed in varied cuts from the straightest to the most fitted, our dress shirts remain and will remain the essential core of the Hast wardrobe. For the occasion, we are unveiling several new features:
    • a pair of buttons at the cuffs for loose or fitted tightening
    • the arrival with fanfare of the “one piece collar” which you have widely acclaimed
    • a very slight touch-up of our French collar
    • the addition of a collar label to specify the characteristics of the fabric used.
  • Our “natural stretch” formal shirts : thanks to the intrinsic properties of their weaving, our “natural stretch” shirts are naturally “elastic”. A technical attribute that will accompany frequent travelers in their travels by following the slightest of their movements. These references obviously remain part of our essential range, but from now on have a collar label mentioning the pedigree of the fabric.
  • Our premium formal shirts : for the most demanding among you, our essential range also includes exclusive models made by the best European workshops. With their prestigious fabrics and their luxurious finishes (reinforcement swallows, buttons sewn in zampa di gallina , 7 stitches per centimeter, etc.), they embody the best in the world of ready-to-wear shirts. to carry. To go even further, we added a collar tag mentioning the Houses to which we owe them.
  • Our casual shirts : shorter and less fitted than formal shirts, our casual models are necessarily more relaxed. Designed to be worn outside of pants, possibly open over a t-shirt, they feature fairly straight cuts, textured materials (oxford, denim or even chambray) and versatile collars like the button-down and the officer neckline.
  • Our jeans and chinos : as for the leg pieces, three jeans are as always available from January to January. A raw model, a washed version and an ecru reference, all in organic cotton. To this, we add a nice selection of chinos, crafted in 4-season cotton gabardine.
  • Our T-shirts : essential among the essentials, undershirts obviously deserved their place in our essential range. You will find a range of beautiful ones, available in a wide range of colors. 100% organic cotton or mixed cotton-linen, it's up to you. NB: you will benefit from an automatic reduction for the purchase of two or more t-shirts, useful for putting together a happy batch of ethical and sustainable jerseys.

The final word

Since 2012, Hast has been committed to creating exceptional clothing for everyone's everyday life. By focusing on accuracy and honesty, we offer an elegant and balanced wardrobe, made from noble 100% natural or recycled fibers .

At the heart of this wardrobe, our essential range reflects an ambition of high standards and responsibility, offering a range of durable and timeless pieces all year round. A revised and modernized range for an even more pleasant experience, which we invite you to (re)discover and share.