Nos chemises à manches courtes ont le bras long

Our short sleeve shirts have the long arm

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Long mocked, often mocked, ridiculed from the most confidential blogs to the most prominent fashion magazines, the short-sleeved shirt is now on the rise.

Difficult to explain, this turnaround, as improbable as it is unexpected, is very real. At Hast, we have noticed an increasing enthusiasm for those that many call (a little hastily) “shirts”, to the point of publishing 4 new ones this year.

Chronicle of a return to grace

In recent decades, short-sleeved shirts were the preserve of accountants, real estate agents and pre-retiring teachers. Or at least they seemed to be. Fortunately, these prejudices are gradually being shattered, with the recent discovery of a casual shirt with enormous potential.

In recent seasons, the renewed interest in this former locker room pariah is undeniable, visible on the street as well as in the figures. Within our collections, its exponential success sounds like revenge, real pride for the professional shirtmakers that we have been since 2012.

In our opinion, this turnaround is explained by a better understanding of the essence of the short-sleeved shirt . Far from being a classic shirt cut at the bicep level, it is the daughter of a true legend, not to say the incarnation of a philosophy. This dates back to the 1930s, when a Japanese tailor from Honolulu had the idea of ​​inventing a loose shirt inspired by Japanese kimonos. The Aloha shirt was born , and with it a unique conception of casual elegance .

In our opinion, this is where we must look for the soul of the short-sleeved shirt , which is what those who love it today tend to do - Hast included.

Four shirts, one mind

In keeping with this idea of ​​ease and lightness, this season we offer you a quartet of short-sleeved shirts. They all respect the historical codes of this legendary piece, and each one also displays particularities that make it unique. The proof by four:

  • Our short-sleeved beige striped shirt. Inspired by an American model, this variation reveals a sunny charm with its light color and bright stripes. Made from an airy 100% cotton fabric, it is incomparably delicate and should captivate you from the first wear.

  • Our short-sleeved shirt in navy Giro Inglese . Light and breathable, Giro Inglese is one of the most summery fabrics available with its honeycomb-style embossed weave. In addition to the ventilation allowed by this weave, the Giro Inglese can boast of having one of the most beautiful textures in the locker room. A magnificent relief that will instantly bring personality to your summer outfits. Made in Portugal, this navy shirt combines style and comfort with a deliciously retro charm.

  • Our blue cotton short-sleeved shirt . Original without being extravagant, this 100% cotton model combines an ultra-light fabric and a tone-on-tone jacquard pattern to offer its vision of freedom. A reference to the Riviera air, perfectionist to the point of displaying a matching pattern on its single chest pocket. A sense of detail, all in subtlety.

  • Our green striped tencel short sleeve shirt. Made in Portugal, it is made from 100% Tencel, an ecological material produced from wood fiber. Fluid and light, structured at the bust level by two chest pockets, it extends its vertical stripes along a relaxed cut to create a silhouette where ease and elegance coexist.

Remarkable Cuban collar

Despite their differences, these four shirts obviously have things in common. We think of their short sleeves and their loose fit, obviously, but also and above all of this fabulous Cuban collar.

Originally from the Caribbean island which gave it its name, it is easily identifiable thanks to the particular design of its notched lapels. Open, it would almost resemble the neckline of a suit jacket , thus helping to give our shirts their dashing appearance. Secret tip of the Cuban collar: it can also be buttoned all the way to the top , taking on the sober and distinguished look of our work jackets . A saving option to elegantly combat the late summer chills.

Our advice for wearing a short-sleeved shirt

In our eyes, the only way to go wrong when wearing a piece is to think of it as a sleeveless formal shirt . This is the pitfall that changed the glorious short-sleeved shirt into the shameful “shirt”, and we strongly advise you not to take this path.

A short-sleeved shirt is worn outside of pants, closed next to the skin or even open over a t-shirt or tank top; but certainly not as a replacement for your white poplin shirt. Here, volume, breadth and freedom are needed; texture, character and originality.

That being said, it is a very permissive summer piece, and you will have plenty of time to experiment to evaluate the compositions that suit your complexion. Shorts , faded jeans , linen pants , work jackets and even Fresco wool suit jacket : all are likely to go well with this wardrobe virtuoso.

The final word

Long denigrated, the short-sleeved shirt has become a summer wardrobe essential in just a few years. Leaving behind her the ghosts of an overdressed past, she has emancipated herself from the formal wardrobe to reach horizons where ease and relaxation are legion.

By capitalizing on our expertise in shirtmaking, we have taken care to respect the historical codes of this piece to offer you four models, each more delicious than the last.

Between audacity and rigor, we have developed the worthy successors to the Aloha Shirt, with the honesty and accuracy that you know us to have. Millimeter cut, noble fibers, certified natural materials and European manufacturing: all the ingredients are there to ensure that these short-sleeved shirts accompany you from the heart of the summer to the twilight of the Indian summer.