Mention très lin pour nos chemises

Very linen mention for our shirts

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When the empress of the wardrobe meets the queen of materials, the alliance is bound to be sumptuous. Placed at the heart of our spring-summer 2024 collection , this union between shirt and linen majestically combines the timeless elegance of the first with the unique properties of the second. A marriage marked with the seal of balance, to celebrate the best of both worlds.

The 1001 virtues of linen

Among the raw materials used in the textile industry, linen fiber is undoubtedly one of the most efficient.

Durable and resistant, it is naturally breathable, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and thermoregulating . Renowned for its insulating properties, it also has unique absorption capabilities, capable of retaining 20% ​​of its weight in water without appearing damp. So many virtues that make linen (or linen blend) weaves essential fabrics in summer.

If you add to this that this 100% recoverable plant requires little water, that its cultivation is much more sustainable than that of cotton and that France is the leading producer in the world, you have every reason to be seduced.

Linen at Hast

Natural, eco-friendly, local, durable, sturdy, comfortable, breathable and full of character , linen ticks absolutely all the boxes. Thanks to its intrinsic properties, it offers particularly functional yarns and fabrics, at the intersection of elegance and performance.

Unsurprisingly, you will find a lot of them on the menu of our spring-summer 2024 collection, particularly in the shirts department . 60% of them are dressed in it, from the most distinguished to the most casual. The proof with these linen shirts for men .

All passes

Whether you prefer semi-cutaway collars , buttoned collars , officer collars or large French collars, you will definitely find what you are looking for in our linen and linen blend shirts.

All the colours

In terms of colors, you will also be spoiled for choice. 50 shades of linen are available to you, from rust to khaki , blue , ecru , forest green , sage , pink and the essential white linen shirt .

All cuts

Unsurprisingly, you can also combine this exceptional fiber with your favorite cut. Classic , workwear or casual , your favorite fit exists in linen clothes, both in stores and on our website .

All styles

We wouldn't say the opposite, the simple plain white linen shirt always has its effect. Yes, but there are some among you who sometimes want to take a step aside, and it is to them that these more assertive references are addressed:

  • a tasty western shirt in 63% cotton and 37% linen, ideal for adding an American touch to a look considered too plain.

Linen, alone or accompanied

For its 1001 virtues mentioned above, linen can obviously be worked alone. As you have undoubtedly noticed, it is also possible to combine it with one or more other fibers during weaving in order to combine the properties of each.

At Hast, we particularly like the linen-cotton combination , combining all the capabilities of the first with the softness and flexibility of the second. Around twenty of our shirts are affected by this choice, as are other items in our wardrobe such as certain t-shirts , certain work jackets and certain pants .

In the same vein, the wool-linen pairing is a duo with which we have chosen to dress our unstructured suit jacket , thus bringing together the dry hand of linen and the velvety feel of wool, for a unique result in terms of texture and thermoregulation .

The art of wearing linen

Quite unfairly, linen sometimes has the reputation of being a rustic or even rough material. While it is true that his dry and brittle hand can give him a rustic appearance, you should not stop at this first impression. Behind its surly appearance, you will discover a marvel of tenderness and versatility, capable of flattering all styles and adapting to all outfits.

Thus, we invite you to go beyond the eternal cliché of the total “linen shirt and pants” look to explore in more depth the shores of this fantastic material. At Hast, classic or more daring pieces will allow you to exploit all its potential, from traditional shorts and t-shirts to unusual sweaters , work jackets and suits . Enough to invent original and refreshing compositions, from the most relaxed to the most elegant.

The Truth About Linen Care

In the collective imagination, linen and crinkling are linked. Undoubtedly, linen fabrics crease more than their cotton counterparts, but let's be careful not to exaggerate this trait. First of all, it must be said, folds have the advantage of being more aesthetic on linen. Then, linen and cotton/wool blends help to reduce this crater line. A stroke of the iron removes the slightest crease in a few moments. Finally, linen has the particularity of softening and becoming supple over time, which makes it a particularly tasty material to skate.

Over time, you will see it take on a fluffy peach skin, much softer than its original texture. As for its maintenance, it is childishly easy: linen goes in the machine and dries very quickly.

The final word

A gifted material if ever there was one, linen is a magical fiber that we are increasingly promoting at the heart of our collections. Natural, ecological, local, resistant, healthy, thermoregulating, pleasant to wear and even more to look at, linen makes it possible to weave high-performance weaves with a superb patina.

At Hast, we have dressed most of our summer shirts with it, without making anyone jealous of our t-shirts, suits, knitwear and pants. An ode to this exceptional material that the whole world envies in France, entirely at the service of your wardrobe.