La veste croisée, "la princière" - 09

The double-breasted jacket, "the princely" - 09

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We prefer to warn you, the piece on which we are going to focus now is enough to make you pale in its majesty. my sensitives, refrain: here is the double-breasted jacket as you have probably never seen it.
When thinking about the capsule collection published for our 10th anniversary , we wanted at all costs to include two jackets : a work jacket , a nod to an iconic piece often revisited at Hast; and a dress jacket , a tribute to the formal elegance that we strive to democratize through our creations. You've probably guessed which category this beauty belongs to!

Directly inspired by Prince Philip 's jackets, it displays a silhouette with clean lines that evoke the structure and rigor of British elegance . This very popular model is easily recognizable by its very special reverse.
On this basis, we imagined a royal double-breasted jacket in an ultra-limited edition of 100 copies . A historical interpretation imbued with Italian influences , it touches on the quintessence of distinction and preciousness. A completely unique model, developed for you from a seemingly premonitory dream.

Do you know everything about its making?

Unique, this double-breasted jacket is unique in more than one way. Its pointed backhand , first of all, is not common in the streets. Its height and width, combined with an almost horizontal loop running towards the shoulders, bring stature and breadth to the wearer's silhouette. With its rounded shape, the lapel recalls the curvature of the shawl collar and directly evokes smoking jackets, with more incisive points which do not hesitate to venture far, very far on the bust. Too far ? The answer is no. Indeed, there emerges from this creation at the height of formality a kind of biting harmony which exudes audacity, authenticity and cheek, a poise imperceptibly tinged with insolence. Because if the “peak lapel” of our jacket seems to flirt with self-importance, the rest of the piece tempers its impulses with its grace, modesty and correctness. Its 6-button crossover closure, first of all, moderates the sensuality of the collar with its austerity.

The same goes for the color of the jacket, a deep midnight blue , which brings back into the fold of sobriety the one who seemed to want to escape from it. Chase away the natural, it comes back at a gallop: you will quickly realize that the material it is adorned with is far from smooth. Made from 100% super 110's virgin wool , its fabric displays a unique grain that catches the light beautifully. To the touch, you will benefit from its texture comparable to a knit or basketweave; while your eye can rest on the crests of its pretty waves . A luxurious fabric full of character that will certainly not go unnoticed. Small detail that is not one: the shoulders are rather supple and smell good of Italy . Unlike the padded shoulders typical of the English style , these will naturally fit your build to subtly relax this very formal jacket.

Our “Princess” may well be inspired by the British tailoring art in its structure and its rigor, but you have understood that she does not fully claim it. Its original material, its slightly fitted cut, its supple style and its ruby ​​lining are all elements which move it away from English sartorialism by injecting French, Italian and even Japanese inspirations. Inside, you will indeed find an extremely rare detail, borrowed from a vintage bespoke jacket made in Japan : a strap sewn into one side allowing the other to be buttoned. An extremely elegant and efficient way to keep the right side of the jacket along the bust, in all circumstances.

Finally, this double-breasted jacket embodies the ultimate in elegance in our capsule collection. Its design , fabric and manufacturing are also luxurious , and of unparalleled purity in the world of ready-to-wear. A gem that you can have adjusted as needed, notably thanks to its open buttonhole at the wrist designed to facilitate alterations. As you can imagine, it is with great pride that we worked on it, and with a touch of emotion that we offer it to you.

Delicate and precious, a jacket reserved for special occasions

A flagship of formalism, this jacket is obviously to be reserved for special occasions . It is one of those delicate and precious pieces that have no place in everyday life and thrive more on the side of the extraordinary. Each fiber smelling of luxury and voluptuousness , it needs to release its full potential in contexts worthy of its appearance. Dinners, cocktails, operas, ceremonies and weddings are all events to which she will agree to accompany you, but do not insult her by changing into an office jacket. Even if we offer exceptional clothing for everyday life , give yourself the gift of only taking it out of its cover to “mark the occasion” : in exceptional circumstances, exceptional jacket With pants of a similar blue, d A contrasting beige or textured gray, accompanied by a beautiful white or colored shirt, combined with a pair of carefully polished shoes, you have your uniform for all the big days of the rest of your life.

How to maintain the double-breasted jacket?

No question of compromising on maintenance with a piece of such finesse. There are no 36 solutions here: any other wash than delicate dry cleaning is absolutely unthinkable. Given that you won't normally wear this jacket several times a week, one or two trips to the dry cleaners should be enough to keep it pristine all year round. For storage, be sure to place it on a wide shoulder hanger inside a protective cover.

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