We highlight products with classic, elegant and precise cuts. Particular attention is paid to the selection of fabrics, carefully chosen from renowned suppliers. Hast offers a timeless men's wardrobe, mixing
the classic universe and formal pieces to a more contemporary and casual wardrobe, showcased in our seasonal collections.

Our materials
Since our creation in 2012, the Hast wardrobe has been exclusively made from natural or recycled materials. We make a point of favoring fibers such as wool, linen, cotton, as well as more technical blends such as linen-cotton-ramie.

We attach great importance to the quality of the fabrics and jerseys used in the manufacture of our products. Natural materials have many advantages, including increased durability over time, natural breathability for optimal comfort, as well as resistance to odors and bacteria. In addition, they are biodegradable, which helps reduce the environmental footprint of our clothing over time. By opting for natural materials, we are committed to offering our customers high quality products that are environmentally friendly and pleasant to wear.
At the heart of Hast's values ​​lies the desire to never give in to the traps of a completely outsourced fashion industry. We produce 99% of our clothes in manufacturing workshops based in Europe. With the exception of our work jackets, which are made in a French workshop with an office in Tunisia, we strive to favor production on European soil and to limit unnecessary travel as much as possible.

Producing in Europe has many advantages. This allows us to guarantee high social and environmental standards throughout the production chain. Additionally, geographic proximity to our manufacturing partners facilitates communication and quality management. By supporting European industry, we also contribute to maintaining local know-how and preserving jobs in our communities.
Trust is at the heart of our work. For almost ten years now, we have been working with workshops based across Europe. Portugal, Italy, the Baltic States, France and even Scotland, we will seek out know-how where it is found in order to offer you the most beautiful creations.

    Belt workshop

    Our formal belts are handmade in one of our partner workshops located in Spain. His mastery of leather, his creativity and his know-how have been recognized since 1955.


    Tie and pocket square workshop

    Our ties are made in Italy in a workshop specializing in working with natural materials and more particularly silk, created in 1930.

  • Italy

    Bow tie workshop

    To make our bow ties, we have selected an Italian workshop renowned since 1945 for its mastery of silk work.

  • Italy

    Glove workshop

    It is in the heart of Naples in a family workshop founded in 1923 that our leather gloves are made by hand. Leather cutting, dyeing and assembly are gestures and know-how passed down from generation to generation within this workshop, giving our gloves unparalleled quality.

  • Portugal

    Chinos, shorts and jeans workshop

    It was quite natural that our choice fell on Portugal to produce our pants. The family workshop with which we work, founded in 1955, is strongly established in Portuguese territory and works with the best suppliers and subcontractors in the region.

  • Lithuania

    Formal and casual shirt workshop

    Our shirts are made by a workshop specializing in warp and weft (weaving) work located in Lithuania. Patterning, cutting, making, folding, the workshop has been recognized since 1967 for its high-end know-how.


    Sweater workshop

    The making of our knitted sweaters is entrusted to a house of Portuguese origin specializing in knitwear since 1988. Experts in knitting for several generations, this workshop works for the most beautiful high-end ready-to-wear houses.

  • Portugal

    Polo and t-shirt workshop

    We make our range of t-shirts and polo shirts in a Portuguese workshop founded in 2008. Victim of its success and recognized for its mastery of knit and jersey manufacturing, the workshop continues to expand.

  • Romania

    Coats, formal jackets and pants workshop

    It is in Romania that we have chosen to make our formal jackets and pants. The workshop, founded by a French textile engineer 20 years ago, specializes in making high-end formal clothing and works only with natural materials such as wool or cashmere.

  • Romania

    Sock workshop

    Our soft and beautiful socks are made in a workshop located in Braga, in the north of Portugal. Since 1966, this family business has specialized in making knitted and jersey pieces. Their expertise pushes us to consolidate our partnership year after year.

  • tunisia

    Work jacket workshop

    Renowned for their unique cuts and colors, our work jackets are made by a French family business with one of its workshops in Tunisia.

  • Scotland

    Hat workshop

    Our wool hats are knitted in a Scottish workshop specializing in luxury knitting since 1845. Rich in heritage, the workshop perpetuates through generations its know-how in traditional Scottish knitting as well as wool work.