Hast is an attitude. That of presenting yourself to the world as you are, plus style. Our wardrobe gives pride of place to the city dweller. Style conscious. Conscious of the world. Hast is an uninterrupted desire to think about fashion differently. The memory of know-how. Accessible quality. Proximity to our workshops. Short circuits. A wardrobe that stands the test of time. Rigorous cuts. Comfortable. Well thought out. A fair price.

We are reinventing the men's wardrobe. Capsules that interweave the frantic pace of the city, the jostled luck, the success encountered. The memory of what we could have been, and what we are becoming.
Hast, for us, is a renewed way of showing ourselves to the world and communicating. Since 2012, we have been rewriting the history of men's fashion: from the classic shirt to the complete wardrobe. An ode to simplicity. To iconicity. To the claimed character. Hast is the portrait of a man, and of all the others. The one that takes on its own story.