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Our scarves have been carefully made in the UK and Italy. From spinning to sewing the label, each step is carried out on site, and the key stages are still carried out by hand. The quality of the wool and the techniques used give them incomparable softness.

Our scarves
Real shields against the cold, our scarves for men are your best allies to face winter with elegance. Made from pure virgin wool or wool and cashmere, they are available in several sizes, colors and patterns to suit all styles. Discover our selection and find the ideal model to warm you up in the heart of winter. Scarves in pure virgin wool and cashmere When the mercury drops, the scarf is one of the accessories we cannot do without. How to combine warmth and style? To complete an elegant city outfit, there's nothing like a pure new wool scarf. Thin and warm at the same time, it offers you optimal protection against the cold. At Hast, we have selected pure virgin wool for its quality and softness. Made from the first shearing of lambs, this insulating fiber keeps you warm all winter long, whatever the outside temperature. Pure new wool contains no more than 0.3% other fibers. This sheep wool is therefore the most qualitative, but also the warmest. You will also find models made from a blend of wool and cashmere. Renowned for its softness to the touch, cashmere wool combines warmth and lightness. This insulating fiber is capable of retaining humidity in the air. It's ideal for cold and wet weather! Quality artisanal craftsmanship At Hast, we are committed to selecting the best fabrics, but also to entrusting the creation of our pieces to craftsmen recognized for their know-how. It is the quality of the raw materials combined with the techniques used that give our men's scarves their incomparable softness. They were made in Italy, in the Tuscan countryside. From spinning to weaving to sewing the Hast label, each step is carried out by hand, in the Tuscan workshop. For an extra touch of refinement, these accessories are finished with long tone-on-tone fringes. To preserve their shine, it is recommended to leave them in the dry cleaners or wash them cold by hand. Ironing is also done cold. A varied choice of scarves for men An excellent comforting piece, the men's scarf keeps you warm during the cold season while completing your outfit with elegance. Our models are available in different colors to suit all styles: camel, green, brown, blue or gray. These shades all have one thing in common: they are easy to match. Choose camel to bring a touch of brightness to your outfit. For a harmonious ensemble, always choose a shade that contrasts with the color of your jacket. Wear your scarf with straight pants and a shirt under a merino wool sweater to combine warmth, style and lightness. Do you like patterns? Opt for our gray checked scarf. Our fine wool scarves are also available in different sizes: 180 x 35 cm or 180 x 70 cm.