Une histoire d’accessoires et d’ateliers d’exception

A story of exceptional accessories and workshops

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Etymologically, the accessory is added to the essential. Even in its name, it therefore evokes superfluity, revealing itself to be useless almost by nature. Fortunately for men's style, futility and inelegance are two very different matters.

At Hast, we highly value the added value of these supposedly worthless pieces, convinced that a successful outfit is most often down to the smallest of its details.

In this article, we present to you accessories which are so many cherries on our wardrobe, and the prestigious workshops to which we entrust the making.

Head to the United Kingdom for our scarves and hats

Tweed, Shetland, Aran or even Donegal: we no longer count the legendary woolens developed by our British friends . Combining exceptional fibers and ancestral know-how , the woolen fabrics of our neighbors are renowned all over the world; which is why we decided to have our hats and scarves made there. A fantastic guarantee of quality.

Essential winter partners, the first are made in Scotland from Australian wool labeled Woolmark . By the way, this certification guarantees the traceability of the product but also compliance with rigorous specifications in terms of harvesting the raw material.

Knitted by experts in fine 1x1 ribbing, our hats combine the natural properties of a high-performance fiber (softness, thermoregulation, breathability) with the capabilities of a relevant knitting stitch (hold and elasticity).

Practical and functional, our hats are assembled according to the rules of the art by renowned craftsmen , which gives them an admirable authenticity . Plain or mottled, they will allow you to keep your head warm while bringing a joyful note of originality to your outfits.

Speaking of comforting assets, our scarves are not left out. Everyone knows what feats this piece of fabric is capable of, and we were keen to offer you a range worthy of the name.

A great ally against the elements, a last defense against the blizzard and an indisputable style supplement, the scarf is basically an accessory in name only. Between November and April, doing without it is reckless, which is why we have developed the supreme partners.

Great protectors of your neck and chivalrous servants of your looks, our 3 latest creations come straight from the workshops of Abraham Moon , in the north of England. Founded in 1837, this British House is one of the very last “vertical spinning mills” (understand that each stage of production literally takes place on top of the previous one). Level after level, the dyeing comes before the carding which precedes the spinning which leads to the weaving. This integration in a single location allows craftsmen to control quality in real time and ensure a level of requirements unique in the world.

Plain or patterned, 100% virgin wool or merino wool, you will necessarily find the scarf that will protect your neck, keep your heart warm and highlight your look.

Head to Portugal for our small leather goods and our caps

It's no secret that Portugal has established itself as a major player in textiles and leather goods in recent decades. Historical land of livestock, Alto Minho - in the north of the country - concentrates the leather sector industries between Braga and Guimarães.

Unsurprisingly, it is there that we went to find the appropriate know-how to make our card holders.

Smooth or grained , crafted from carefully selected skins, these chic and practical little companions have benefited from the care generally devoted to items from luxury Houses . By observing the precision of the seams, the finish of the edges and the accuracy of the linings , you will quickly see what we mean by that.

Thanks to the expertise of our Portuguese partner , we have been able to develop card holders that are as strong as they are elegant, balancing two credit card size slots and a “money pocket”. A practical and functional compact model, ideal for carrying the essentials in the back pocket of your favorite pants.

Taking advantage of being in Portugal, let's talk about our caps , where they are made. They will allow you to complete any look with nonchalant ease, whether it's a two-piece suit or a more casual outfit.

Plain or contrasting , we offer them in cotton for mild weather and in certified mulesing free wool for rougher months, which will allow you to vary the pleasures without revealing yourself. On their pediment, a sober and assertive embroidery will allow you to assert your values ​​without opening your mouth, which can be important in a world where the eyes hear better than the ears.

Head to Spain and Italy for our belts

You have to go to our two favorite peninsulas to find the workshops that make our belts . Durable and refined , they come in two ways to pair with formal or casual pants.

Made from vegetable- tanned full-grain cowhide leather , the plain models are crafted in Spain and offer themselves to you as extremely fine goods. Ideal for girding suit pants.

For their part, the bi-material examples come straight from Italy, combining a leather strap at the buckle and a contrasting cotton or suede strap. A subtle and original way of structuring the silhouette .

Braided or not, brown or black, in smooth or suede leather, each one displays a superb thickness/shade/softness ratio. With balanced proportions and a zamak buckle (an alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper) that is as solid as it is distinguished, the girl on your hips is bound to be found here.

Head to Italy for our gloves, ties and pocket squares

Even more than its landscapes and its gastronomy, it is its elegance that the whole world envies in La Botte. Sunny and full of phlegm, she has been shining in fashion for centuries and can still count on historical know-how to maintain this precious heritage.

Cradle and capital of silk, Lombardy is one of the treasures that make transalpine luxury famous. It is here, in a workshop on the shores of Lake Como, that we decided to have our ties and pocket squares made.

Accessories inseparable from the formal ensembles so dear to Hast, it seemed important to us to offer them the best of artisanal expertise. From the pattern to the final needle stroke, each step is carried out by hand by the experts of a small family structure, which gives the finished products a visible and palpable authenticity.

If the colors, materials and textures vary from one piece to another, guaranteeing models suitable for all occasions, the level of requirement and the perfection of the finishes remain identical.

The same goes for our gloves , made in one of the last traditional glove factories in Naples. Designed in 25 steps by a Neapolitan master glove maker, entirely by hand, these works in full-grain dipped lambskin are lined with a thickness of wool to keep your hands warm in all circumstances.

Soft, flexible and light at the same time, they promise absolute freedom of movement and rare elegance , all at a price that only our economic model without interries allows. Brown, forest green, light brown, black or burgundy: all these pieces of goldwork are within reach.

Head to France for our sunglasses

Cocorico, it is in a beautiful workshop in Oyonnax (in Ain) that we have our sunglasses manufactured. Did you think there was only one rugby club in this pretty Aurhalpine town? Magnifying glass ! Because this city of 22,000 souls is indeed the cradle of French eyewear . Certified “Living Heritage Company” , a label which distinguishes French companies with excellent artisanal and industrial know-how, our partner shares values ​​similar to ours and works acetate with virtuosity.

By (re)discovering our black or tortoiseshell frames, you will see life, if not in pink, at least in blue, white and red.

The final word

As their name does not indicate, accessories are absolutely essential to building a complete wardrobe. If they are not essential to the construction of an outfit per se, they are nonetheless essential to complete, enrich or perfect it.

Above all, they have a significant utilitarian purpose. Anyone who has ever suffered from frostbite or sunstroke knows that the function of gloves and caps - for example - goes far beyond a simple style statement.

To combine business with pleasure and offer you accessories that are as beautiful as they are demanding, we have traveled Europe in search of the best know-how . By unearthing single-product expertise across the four corners of the old continent, we persist and follow the approach you know us to have: that of excellence and honesty.

Thanks to British experience in wool pieces, Portuguese science in leather goods , Italian mastery embodied by pocket squares and ties or even the prestige of French eyewear art, we are happy and proud to offer you these small wonders, which are all gift ideas as the holidays approach.

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