Trois façons de porter la sport jacket !

Three ways to wear the sport jacket!

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Does the Sport jacket mean anything to you? Also called "Sport coat" or "blazer", less known than the suit jacket, is nevertheless a very versatile piece with an essential feel.

With a style that flirts with both formal and casual dressing, it's a perfect casual alternative to sometimes overdressed jackets. Very easy to combine for all occasions, it can be worn every day: at work (obviously) but also for a weekend or at a wedding. With two new seasonal models, in navy cotton basketweave and green cold wool, Hast reveals 3 ways to wear the Sport jacket in summer. Like everyone else, you? Never.

A little history

At Hast, the Sport jacket is one of our current obsessions. We love it so much that we decided to release two new models for the summer, with suitable fabrics.

But before joining our collections, the Sport jacket had a rather atypical journey. Appearing during the 19th century in England, this very durable jacket was first invented for outdoor sports, such as hunting or fishing. Synonymous with English class, most of the time made in thick and protective fabrics like tweed, it is a piece with an outdoor chic heritage.

So what does it have in common with the suit jacket? Its shape and cut of course, but unlike this one, the sport jacket is a solitary piece, which is worn with mismatched pants, often in a different fabric. Exit the famous jacket and suit pants combo, the Sport jacket opens the way to a multitude of styles and looks, depending on the moments of life.

At work

For the office, it's hard to go wrong by wearing the timeless suit. Elegant and effective, but also very (or too) codified, the formal style nevertheless remains slightly boring when it is followed to the letter.

For a more personal style, leave your suit jacket in the closet and replace it with the seasonal Sport jacket, in heather navy blue, in cotton basket weave. It's then up to you to see whether you prefer to wear it in a classic spirit with a striped poplin shirt or with less conventional pieces, like our latest linen shirt and its officer collar . For the bottom we let you choose between pleated pants or chinos , in timeless shades, between off-white, beige and khaki green. Sober and elegant, this jacket guarantees you will not go unnoticed by going slightly off the beaten track.

For a wedding

Are you invited to a wedding and you still don't know what to wear? Here again, the Sport jacket can be an interesting alternative to a more classic suit set. With its Neapolitan shoulders and notched lapel collar, the Sport jacket gives you an elegant style, while providing a touch of controlled relaxation.

In its pine green version, it goes wonderfully (no pun intended) with a white shirt and light pants . This jacket also has the advantage of not being worn as a set to match with the pants, giving you all the freedom to have fun in the choice of materials and colors for your set. For accessories, we also leave you free: plain, patterned tie , belt and derbies? It's time to subtly stand out.

For a weekend with friends

The season of sunny days is also that of long weekends in the countryside or by the beach. But relaxation does not necessarily mean letting go. In addition to your swimsuit , slip a sublime Sport jacket into your suitcase, which will be sure to make an impact at aperitif time or for a dinner in town. In a casual chic style, the principle is to mix it with casual wardrobe essentials: a linen and cotton t-shirt or slightly fitted jeans in a raw color. You can also wear it with a light speckled cotton shirt , a sure bet from the latest collection. On your feet, we advise you without much hesitation to wear the timeless pair of leather moccasins! An elegant look without going overboard.

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