Sa Majesté la chemise bleue

Her Majesty the blue shirt

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The other is her.

Eternal competitor of its white sister, the blue shirt occupies a special place in these gentlemen's locker rooms. To contest the queen's monopoly on elegance, she puts forward arguments that appeal to more than one today: novelty in place of academicism, the exception in place of the rule, modernity in place of the place of tradition.

We dedicate this article to this tireless pretender to the throne; in order to give you some (good) reasons to crown it.

The Big Blue

If the centuries have established the sovereignty of the white shirt, at the same time as its legend and its invincibility, its blue twin - although more recent - aspires to the same homage.

At Hast, we made the choice to transmit them to him from the start, placing your Highnesses on an equal footing. Published in 2012, our first creation was in fact a double-twisted poplin shirt , available in white and blue.

And for good reason, it seemed to us that these Ladies were two verses of the same couplet: that of elegance itself.

One says heritage, custom and history. The other says movement, enthusiasm and evolution. They are only a few nuances apart, but they are what distinguishes classic elegance from contemporary elegance here.

You understand : We cannot recommend this centerpiece highly enough , if only to add a happy touch of color to your compositions.

How to choose your blue shirt?

Simple in appearance, this question ultimately disguises many others. Because choose a blue shirt means first of all arbitrating between several parameters.

  • Cutting : depending on the occasion and use, this will be more or less adjusted. Generally, formal shirts are quite long and fitted (to be tucked into pants) while so-called “casual” shirts are rather short and straight. For a ceremony or in a strict professional setting, the first seems ideal ; and the second in any other circumstance.

  • A collar : your aesthetic inclinations and/or your tie desires will take you towards this one or that one. Small or big , French Or American , officer or club, semi-cutaway or hidden buttons, the model you need is bound to be around.


  • Tissue : in addition to providing information on the register of the shirt it dresses, the weave of the fabric greatly influences the way it catches the light. In principle, a canvas is all the more elegant if it is fine and tight, and by extension silky and luminous. Conversely, casual fabrics are usually more matte because they are raw and textured. On our racks, the essential poplin ,  twill , the dobby , the wire-to-wire, the pinpoint , the chevron and some oxfords belong to the first category. In the second, you will find our flannels , chambray , denim and thicker oxfords .

  • A color : Anyone who has ever laid eyes on the surface of the sea knows that there are 1,001 shades of blue. At Hast too, the lightest ones appear white and the darkest blacks, with a rich panel that stretches delicately from one to the other. Sky blue , royal blue, navy blue, cobalt blue, midnight blue and all their variations are available to your eyes and your preferences.

Our ode to the blue shirt

While traveling through our permanent offer of blue shirts , you will discover dozens of references in the form of a declaration of love to the one we could call “the rival”.

At the heart of Hast expertise since its creation, they are - like their peers - carefully designed by the best European workshops , and this thanks to noble natural fibers and careful finishes.

Taming the Blue Shirt

It would be an insult to him to reduce the blue shirt to a colored version of its white counterpart. And anyone who only saw it as an office shirt would surely change their mind upon discovering the jumble that follows:

An obvious Ivy League inspiration with this button-down collar shirt made from cotton flannel soft and warm. Ideal for combining the casual charm of OCBD and the comfort expected of any winter room.

A button-down collar for versatility, a patch pocket on the heart side for structure, cat's eye buttons for the feline side; but above all a spectacular fabric in 100% organic cotton. A difference in tension between the threads offers a stunning slub to this magical canvas , and the white-blue contrast of  this smart shirt immediately takes on the appearance of the Milky Way.

A desire to play Gordon Gekko? Just ask our striped poplin shirt with contrasting collar . Guaranteed look.

Rather minimalist?  Our blue shirts in double-turned organic cotton poplin will be your best allies. Browse the different collars and patterns with which we have adorned them, and let yourself be tempted by the one that suits you best.

Originating from the town of Cambrai in northern France, chambray is a supple, lightweight canvas that exudes personality. Perfect compromise between the smoothness of poplin and the roughness of denim , it offers a superb alternative for those who appreciate roughness but are wary of rusticity. Our popover shirt combines this historic fabric with a half-button placket to reach the zenith of casual elegance.

Made from thicker fabrics, they can also be used as overshirts by covering a t-shirt or a thin sweater. This is the case of our checked flannel shirt , a real savior when the thermometer takes a dive.

Another pair of sleeves

Because it subtly combines simplicity and refinement, because it brings a colorful note to any outfit, because it is childishly simple to combine, because it flatters all complexions and all skin tones , because its contrast with dark tones is less jarring than white; for all these reasons and many more, we think the blue shirt deserves its tiara. Not you ?

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