Rétrospective de l’année 2021

Retrospective of the year 2021

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2021 is barely ending and it’s already time to take stock. A year marked certainly by the procrastination of covid-19, but above all, by numerous accomplishments. A look back at a year full of progress, projects and commitments.

Strengthen our commitments

The biggest project we worked on this year was calculating our carbon footprint . In partnership with the Utopies agency, we have decided to embark on a detailed estimation of greenhouse gas emissions linked to our activities. A complex job, the aim of which is to gather as much information as possible on the different Hast activity centers. From the breeding of sheep to the travel of team members, a significant amount of data is taken into account, and thus allows us to best estimate our emissions.

Between now and 2030, we will therefore take concrete measures to limit the impact of our production, for example by increasing the proportion of organic materials in our collections or by limiting the use of wool. And we have already set up recycling terminals available in stores. Everyone can bring back pieces they no longer need and we ultimately want to transform them into recycled fabric, thus promoting the principle of the circular economy.

Diversify our content

This year again, we had the pleasure of sharing some wonderful encounters with you on our diary . Food, sport, architecture, we wanted to vary the pleasures. Chefs Juan Arbelaez and Grégory Marchand , sports journalist Daniel Riolo , young writer Pierre Adrian , and even the founders of Tiptoe and Artsper , we wanted to offer you profiles that speak to everyone.

In addition to this interview format on the newspaper, we wanted to go further and launch our own podcast. As you know, we are committed to offering you diverse and original content, highlighting know-how and inspiring personalities. Through the HONEST podcast, by Hast, we have therefore chosen to talk about men and women whose journey and quest for meaning speak to us. For the first four episodes, online on all platforms, you will be able to discover the journeys of Vendée Globe navigator Eric Bellion, the founder of the TheGoodGoods, Victoire Satto, the explorer Alban Michon and the founder of the association La Solidarity Tie, Yann Lotode. Four inspiring episodes, which will soon be completed by the testimonies of two other equally interesting guests.

In addition to these new formats, we have strengthened our video presence, offering you two new formats, Hast Looks and Hast Focus, the aim of which is to give you style ideas and inform you even more about the making of our pieces.

This desire for information and transparency inherent in our values ​​also pushed us to continue our “workshop” videos. So, for the release of our very first selvedge jeans in organic cotton, you will be able to discover behind the scenes of the Portuguese manufacturing workshop with which we have been working for several years now!

Development of the range and brand image

Because yes, this year we released our very first selvedge jeans , but not only that! As you know, we are gradually expanding our range with new men's wardrobe products. Always built with the same requirements, both in the excellence of the manufacturing and in the quality of the materials. This year we launched our very first short-sleeved shirt (a big step forward for the purists that we are!) but also the first swimsuits by Hast. The extension of our range was accompanied by a desire to move towards a more advanced artistic direction during the shootings. Indeed, we wanted to highlight our pieces as best as possible, by offering an ever more refined and contemporary aesthetic. You may have noticed that we called on a film photographer for the campaign for our winter collection “Le Goût du Sel”. We hope to continue to surprise you.

Towards even more transparency

We discussed it previously, this year was an opportunity for us to relaunch numerous projects put on hold by the Covid crisis. In particular, we were able to pack our bags to go visit our European suppliers. A joy to reconnect in person, and to be able to film and disseminate the know-how that is so dear to us. In a desire for transparency regarding our practices and the stages of our production, we have also started an overhaul of our product pages. The goal is to give you as much information as possible, on the design of our parts, the workshops in which we produce them but also, thanks to the work carried out on the carbon footprint, on their detailed carbon footprint.

New collaborations

2021 was also the year of fruitful collaborations. At the beginning of the year, we launched a partnership with independent stylist Carbone 14. She gives us advice on how to best maintain our clothes and make them last longer. We also launched a capsule collection with the shoe brand M. Mustache (a work jacket designed by us and a pair of shoes designed by them). A great success which allowed us to combine our different know-how. Finally, we offered carte blanche to Clément Breton, founder of Crafted Paris and Brut Archives. The goal was to offer you look ideas mixing Hast pieces with vintage pieces. We like the idea of ​​everyone reinventing our pieces with those already available in their wardrobe. A Hast piece is a durable piece that will enhance a look. We also took advantage of this collaboration to focus on the history of certain pieces. This is the case, for example, of our riptstop overshirt (to be found in our newspaper).

A great exposure

All our efforts have been noticed. Hast had the honor of being voted the best men's fashion site by a study conducted by Capital magazine (out of more than 10,000 other e-commerce sites). This is great recognition of the work done every day by our teams.

We are also happy to have been able to enter the directory of brands recommended by the French specializing in eco-responsible fashion TheGoodGoods. This is a great step forward, allowing us to integrate an ecosystem of brands that take into account the impact of our industry on the environment. In addition to these great successes, this year we once again had the chance to receive great coverage, with articles published in Very Good Lord and Forbes among others.

2021 was therefore an enriching year full of great projects. 2022 opens with the prospect of going even further, with, in particular, the important event of the brand's 10th anniversary. On the loose program, new blood in the team, new products (glasses?), new stores (!), and integration into a long-term project on the traceability of linen, in collaboration with the CELC . More to follow this year!

Best wishes to you all,

The Hast team.