2019 : la rétrospective

2019: the retrospective

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Here we are ! If 2018 had initiated some changes at Hast, 2019 was an even more decisive year, with intense reflection on how we wanted to evolve.

We asked ourselves several questions, but the thorniest was also the most obvious: what is our role as a brand in the face of current environmental challenges? Our research then focused more on responsible and sustainable materials and packaging.

Not to mention the constant improvement of our customer service and the quality of our products, the other objectives of the year were certainly simpler but so complex to set up: a new website, the opening of a second Parisian boutique, as well as an expansion of our offer. Yes, in 1 year, that’s a lot of work all the same. And we'll explain everything to you!

Towards a more transparent fashion

Sold out

Sales are not our thing. We have chosen to determine fixed prices, with a reduced margin. So the possibility of making promotions is very limited or almost zero.

January 9, 2019: Sales begin. Paradoxically, despite our positioning, this period remains one of the most important for us. We're off to a flying start, rather than offering discounts, we've chosen to reward your loyalty. We are forming a partnership with the Horace brand and we will include a moisturizing cream in your order!

A huge success, this confirms our choice to focus on quality and fixed and fair prices rather than disposable quantity at low prices! We renewed the operation with the organic deodorant brand Respire for the summer sales, another success! A new surprise awaits you for the next sales period…

Committed collaborations

We have four this year. Horace, Respire, Panafrica and Opaark: so many brands that place transparency and ethics at the heart of their identity. In our opinion, the concept of the brand going it alone with traditional positioning, given the consequences for the planet, no longer makes sense. We want to form a united community, to combine skills, to think jointly about ways to improve the way we consume. Through our various collaborations, our message is clear: support committed and human projects.

Compostable packaging on all our shirts

A project started in 2018, which finally saw the light of day almost a year later, after months of research and testing. Certainly one of the most important and complex projects of this year, as there were so many constraints and expectations on our side.

The year 2019 marked a turning point in the history of Hast

Since last September, all new shirt productions have been packaged in this new biodegradable and fully compostable packaging, which is safe for the environment. A significant alternative when we know that only 9% of plastics are recycled… thus leaving 91% of plastic waste unrecovered.

The launch of two ecological shirts

Only two models, but on which we have focused everything: quality, ethics, ecology, traceability... We developed our shirts in partnership with Albini, one of our oldest and prestigious suppliers. Organic cotton or linen, chestnut dye, corozo or olive wood buttons, compostable packaging... while keeping the price as accessible as possible, to democratize more ecological fashion in a reasoned way. Our medium-term objective? Use materials grown without pesticides whenever possible and continue to offer natural and innovative materials.

Development at all levels

A new e-shop!

The big project at the start of the year, and which we have continued to improve since its launch in July. The Hast brand was born on the internet, and the majority of sales are still made via our site. You are the best judges, we note each of your feedback and then extract the best from it. Improving our services necessarily required a complete overhaul of our website, which we made more ergonomic, including featured photos and more detailed descriptions as you wanted!

Opening of a new Parisian boutique

Welcome to Les Batignolles! Almost 3 years after our store in the Montorgueil district (chi va piano...), we set our sights on an old fur store on rue des Batignolles, crossing, bathed in light, with an old parquet floor and moldings which we really liked. A boutique with Parisian charm, which we took advantage of to imagine a refined, accessible, bright place where life is good (without fur...)! Our idea of ​​luxury.

Development of our locker room

Starting in March, with our “Perspectives” collection, we decided to expand our wardrobe and offer you new pieces such as work jackets, chinos and blazers. This fall, we have further expanded the range, with more sophisticated flannel pants, a collection of Italian merino wool sweaters, new high-end accessories and small leather goods. We had in fact met many renowned workshops over the past seven years due to our profession, and the desire naturally came to us to create a more complete wardrobe, made up of perfectly constructed basics, in materials that are always in demand. Once again, through your regular feedback and your multiple ideas, you have been the main architects of this success.

2019 marked a turning point in Hast’s history. We hope that 2020 will be even more memorable and full of pleasant surprises!

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