Et si fête rimait de nouveau avec élégance ?

What if celebration rhymed with elegance again?

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Gone are the days of elegance? No more evenings where we really dressed up? Who said casual has become the norm? Of course, it's not about wearing a tuxedo every day. But with the holidays approaching, wouldn't this be the perfect opportunity to return to the time when bow ties and cufflinks were the essentials of any evening, and to feel like a Gatsby at least for an evening ?

Elegance in all circumstances

If Humphrey Bogart is one of the icons of men's style, it's not for nothing. Tuxedos or double-breasted jackets, at that time men wore a suit even to stay at home. We were a long way from Netflix & chill while jogging.

And yet, if there is one lesson in elegance that we should all learn from the famous actor, it is that of knowing how to remain sober when necessary. Because being elegant is above all synonymous with attitude and charisma, there is no need to go overboard. Even in a simple white shirt with his collar open, Bogart looked good.

They are proof that the tie is not necessarily reserved for the office

So, if our New Year's Eve looks rather relaxed, we don't have to give in to the sweatshirt/sneakers that we happily wear the rest of the time.

Because December 24 or 31 are also opportunities to break out of your clothing routine, we have the right to treat ourselves! Casual evening, yes, but that doesn't stop you from paying attention to your look. So why not take inspiration from Bogart? Without going overboard, you can simply wear a pretty shirt, whether white, colorful or patterned, even if you are wearing jeans.

Correct outfit required

Sean Connery and Roger Moore didn't play James Bond for nothing. Embodiments of elegance, those who successively played the role of 007 did not hesitate to wear a suit/tie/glass of champagne whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Together they are proof that the tie is not necessarily reserved for the office. It’s indeed a piece of vanity and even a party accessory! And the good news is that we have the choice of materials and colors. Rather classic in silk, fancy patterned or casual in knit, whatever your style, you will find a tie to suit your neck.

And if you are still hesitant, remember that even the most rebellious of all did not give in to the call of formality. James Dean, who was a fan of the white T-shirt and leather perfecto, in the evening put on his best suit, his best tie, and even went further by adding a buttonhole or a silk pocket square to his jacket. Because yes, refinement and elegance are not necessarily synonymous with stuck and rigid style.

Tuxedo or no smoking

Who has never wanted to experience an evening straight out of a Fitzgerald novel? Tuxedo for men, long dress for women. And a totally timeless atmosphere. And it's true that when we see Robert Redford or Cary Grant, a glass of champagne in hand, we say to ourselves that whatever happens, regardless of the fashion and trends that pass, we will always come back to timeless. Because ultimately, elegance has no age.

And even if you are not equipped with a real tuxedo, nothing stops you from accessorizing your shirt with a bow tie and pretty cufflinks on your wrists, to feel the retro atmosphere that the greatest lived gentlemen. With a jacket or suit, you'll look as good as Redford or Grant.

Either way, the most important thing is to have fun and play with the accessories you have - who says men don't have as many accessories as women? The open shirt can be enhanced with cufflinks, a bow tie accompanied by a silk pocket square, and the tie can even end on your forehead! All combinations are possible, and they will take you back to the time when men dressed more elegantly. And who knows, maybe your resolution for 2020 will be to make this the new normal?

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