Quelle tenue choisir pour un mariage ?

What outfit to choose for a wedding?

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With summer comes the wedding season every year. Perhaps you've already received an invitation to one of them. If you're wondering what to wear on the big day, it's time to become a master of formal elegance while choosing pieces that reflect your style. Whether you're the groom, a witness, or a guest, Hast offers you outfit ideas as an alternative to the traditional suit, even in the heat of July. Original and bold looks that always give a central place to our favorite piece, the shirt. How to dress elegantly without getting too hot for a summer wedding? Here are some of our ideas in abundance.

Look 1: Mismatched Jacket and Trousers, the New Chic

The perfect occasion to wear a suit is undoubtedly a wedding. However, we must admit that we are a bit tired of the overly classic combo of a navy cotton suit and a white shirt, seen and reviewed. This season, we are opting for equally sophisticated pieces but slightly bolder.

The mix of a sport jacket or a blue textured work jacket in linen and cotton, a shirt, and pleated trousers can be a wise alternative to the classic suit, allowing you to stand out discreetly from the neighboring table.

Both the sport jacket and the work jacket are made of cotton piqué, a particularly breathable fabric that guarantees you'll stay cool. You can match them with a tie in similar shades. The wow effect is guaranteed.

Look 2: The Total Seersucker Look

With its slightly puckered appearance, seersucker instantly brings chic to the outfit while avoiding overheating. "Seeruscker" does not refer to a material but to the result achieved through a relief weaving technique, promoting heat dissipation. In a total navy look, shirt, and trousers, this silhouette allows you to combine the fluidity of the fabric with always tasteful originality. Mix it with a beautiful pair of leather loafers.

To refine your look, before thinking about colors, choose lightweight pieces but always in quality materials that maintain their structure throughout the day. Nothing worse than an overly tight jacket or a shirt in poor cotton - and sweating at the first dance steps.

Look 3: Linen Shirt, Jacket, and Chinos, the Middle Ground

The choice of attire necessarily depends on the type of wedding you are invited to. For less traditional celebrations, dare to go slightly more casual and perhaps mismatched. If you feel comfortable with it, you can try pairing a jacket, such as the sport jacket, with a beautiful white linen shirt and colored chinos.

Linen is a breathable, thermoregulating material that is particularly pleasant to wear, whether you're dancing on the dance floor or smoking a cigar in the shade of a parasol pine. Below, allow yourself a colored chino, in plum, ochre, or more classic, in navy. Needless to say, this look is worn without a tie and preferably with a pair of loafers or derbies.

Look 4: Casual... But Not Too Much

In case of extreme heat - as unfortunately expected this summer - it's not always easy to endure a traditional long-sleeved shirt throughout the day of celebration. Our alternative, as decadent as it may be, is to prefer a short-sleeved shirt. Far from the stereotype of the Hawaiian shirt worn only to drink a coconut on a beach, our short-sleeved seersucker shirt is both elegant and lightweight. Its fabric is airy and light. Its Cuban collar inspired by bowling collars is rare on this type of piece, allowing you to stand out in the chic crowd.

The short-sleeved shirt, a strong piece of the outfit, will be ideal in combination with pleated trousers in a blend of hemp and cotton, in a natural color. Hemp has many advantages when temperatures rise: it is an insulating and breathable material that absorbs moisture and even protects against UV rays.

And for Accessories? Stand Out with Elegance

Another essential for weddings, of course, is the tie. It instantly adds color or a pattern to your look. Choose the color of your tie based on your outfit. If you're wearing neutral tones (navy), a colorful tie will enhance the overall look. Conversely, if you're already mixing colors, opt for a tie with hues that match your shirt and/or jacket.

Last but not least. There is an essential for a summer wedding that we all too often forget to talk about: sunglasses. We recommend keeping it simple with the choice of the model, in solid black or tortoiseshell.

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