Quelles idées cadeaux pour un homme à Noël ?

What gift ideas for a man at Christmas?

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The end of year holidays, especially Christmas , arrive without giving us time to realize that December is already here. And yet... With less than a month until the festivities, it's time to think about your loved ones (and you too) and find gifts that are sure to please. To help you in your quest, Hast reveals his secret list to Santa.

Little touches, sure values ​​to keep for years, essential pieces, surprise box, gift card: find something to inspire you among our Christmas wishlist. This year, say it in Hast!

Little touches at less than €50

To spoil a friend, a colleague, a brother-in-law and even your colleague whose name you took from the office Secret Santa... We have selected little touches that can make a difference, all for less than €50 . Leather goods, socks, upcycled boxer shorts , t-shirts: offer chic and durable pieces (without risking putting yourself in the red).

Among our accessories, you can obviously turn to seasonal essentials that will follow you to the top of the slopes. And it's not because our prices are fair and accessible that the quality is not there. On the contrary ! All our accessories are made in workshops renowned for their know-how. At Christmas, nothing better than offering one of our scarves made in Italy or a pair of socks knitted in Portugal, in natural materials. If you want to limit risk-taking, you can also choose to leave an organic cotton t-shirt at the foot of the tree. Simple, but essential.

Hast’s favorite:

Impossible to go through winter without a hat . In addition to keeping you warm, it adds a colorful touch to the look. In rust? in blue ? in pine green or mustard? Our collection of hats comes in bright shades. It's the perfect accessory to enhance a look that's a little too demure. It also goes very well with an overshirt or a velvet work jacket, in an outdoor style. In ultra-soft merino wool (Donegal) , made in a workshop in Scotland : a classic that still works.

Safe values ​​under €100

This year it's decided, you don't want to make a mistake. But a sure-fire gift does not mean a boring and expected gift (understand: that same perfume that you receive every year, for too long).

To hit the mark, choose from our selection of gifts under €100 which should make an impact once unwrapped. And if you can't find anyone to give them to, maybe they could be a good gift to give yourself or to suggest to your loved ones. After all, you are never better served than by yourself... Formal or casual shirt, tie, chino pants, leather belt or a pair of gloves: opt for high-end , timeless and durable pieces.

Hast’s favorite:

Our heart is torn between two gift ideas, each just as exceptional as the other. On one side, the Italian cotton flannel shirt , in vibrant colors, green, burgundy or striped. It can be worn for all occasions, from Monday morning at the office to Sunday lunchtime, for a family lunch or a brunch with friends. On the other, our weekly box of socks . Seven pairs for the whole week that will match all your outfits or add a subtle hint of color.

And if you can't decide. You can always offer (or treat yourself to) both. After all, it's not Christmas every day.

Essentials for over €100

Christmas is a special time of the year, as much to please the people you love... But also to please yourself. It may also be an opportunity to offer or receive THE beautiful piece that has been catching your eye for months.

Discover our essentials of impeccable quality , designed in the most beautiful fabrics, using sustainable processes. Chunky knit sweater, pleated pants, velvet shirt, but also overshirt: our clothes combine timeless elegance with the precision of the finishes and the depth of the colors .

Hast’s favorite:

You can opt for one of our favorite pieces, the work jacket, available this season in duck green. A 100% virgin wool material, which brings a workwear look to the silhouette. In addition to being very durable, it is also particularly comfortable and pleasant to wear. In a slightly vintage spirit, it goes very well with an urban style and will quickly become your wardrobe essential (to wear with a shirt and formal pants for a very elegant look, perfect for parties.)

The Hast gift card

And for those who are more undecided, give them the opportunity to choose in complete freedom by offering a Hast gift card to use in store or online.

To the famous question of January 2, “And you, what did you get for Christmas?” ”, get ready to proudly answer “Du Hast” and receive lots of compliments on your new sweater.

Merry Christmas !

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