Quelle chemise porter pour quelle occasion ?

Which shirt to wear for which occasion?

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Even if for the moment, a t-shirt and swimming shorts are enough for you by the pool: we saw fit to get a little head start on the start of the school year in terms of style.

To face this new season with confidence, lightness and elegance, we offer you a selection of shirts to wear depending on the occasion. A key piece of the Hast wardrobe, it is easy to combine if you keep in mind a few rules to choose it well. What shirt to wear for a job interview? On hot days? Or for an event? Follow the leader !

For the Indian summer: a linen shirt

In September, summer sometimes lasts longer and promises nice surprises in terms of temperatures. If the Indian summer is here again this year, have a nice light shirt on hand, preferably with long sleeves. As for the material, you can opt for a blend of linen and organic cotton. The main advantage of linen, a natural, breathable and temperature-regulating material, is that it adapts to all weather conditions, from the first cool temperatures to prolonged summer evenings. Choose in a relaxed fit, in timeless light blue, for an easy, versatile style.

To wear with? A casual and equally summery outfit. A pair of chinos , a pair of moccasins or sneakers.

For an everyday look: a casual shirt

When it comes to choosing shirt color, blue is always a good idea. Elevated to the rank of essential in the men's wardrobe, both chic and casual, it is perfect for mornings when you want a sure-fire look. Our casual sky blue oxford shirt has all the attributes of the perfect piece: a comfortable relaxed fit and a controlled button-down collar. Natural elegance, without overdoing it.

To wear with? For an urban style, we recommend the shirt, jeans and sneakers combo. You can also have fun with accessories: a beautiful belt or sunglasses .

For a day at the office: a white shirt

At the office, a nice shirt always makes a statement. For an important meeting or a team meeting, elegance is essential. We advise you to take particular care in choosing a quality, natural material, such as 100% cotton. In terms of color, focus on neutral and timeless colors, such as blue or of course white. The white poplin shirt is a basic to have in your wardrobe. The ultimate formal fabric, poplin, with its smooth appearance, is both light and fine. The cut-away collar detail brings a touch of originality to this essential piece, while adapting to all outfits.

To wear with? It fits perfectly under a sports jacket , for a formal and everyday look.

For a special occasion: an exceptional shirt

The start of the school year is also sometimes synonymous with events of all kinds. Whether it's a wedding, an opening or a professional event, all occasions are good to get together. So there's no question of wearing your everyday shirt. For a unique and above all very elegant style, choose an exceptional shirt with high-end finishes. Our premium blue twill shirt uses innovative “easy iron” technology which ensures wrinkle-free fabric. Semi-cutaway collar, beveled cuffs, mother-of-pearl buttons, classic, slightly fitted cut: a shirt you can count on for the important moments of your life.

To wear with? It all depends on the event. Generally speaking, we prefer a mix of pleated pants and sports jackets rather than the - a little too popular - suit set.

What if you dared?

What if the best advice we could give you would still be to listen to yourself and simply follow your desires of the moment? To dare new shapes, new patterns for a style that suits you and in which you feel comfortable?

Our new shirt made from a blend of cotton, linen and ramie is distinguished by its perfect weave. The combination of several materials allows you to mix the properties and virtues of each. Striped, this shirt is also very current and brings a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe.

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