Que porter avec un pantalon beige ?

What to wear with beige pants?

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What to wear with beige pants? The question arises all the more as many of us, out of habit, have long preferred jeans. However, beige pants have by no means disappeared from wardrobes. It resisted for years the hegemonic success of its denim cousin, only to recently come back into the spotlight.

It must be said that in terms of versatility, beige pants are just as good as jeans. Elegant in any situation, they are also comfortable and very easy to pair. Here are our tips to make the most of this essential piece.

What is beige chinos?

Before delving into the subject, let's quickly revisit the nature of chinos, representing the most well-known—and well-liked—beige pants. Originating from India (despite its name) where it was created by British colonists, it first and foremost embodies an ideal of comfort, lightness, and discretion.

Today, this lightweight pant, most often made of cotton, is recognized by its Italian pockets on the sides and its welt pockets with closure buttons at the back. So when we ask: What to wear with beige pants? It's often chinos that come to mind.

It's also worth noting that chinos come in different colors, ranging from camel to khaki green to blue.

What to Wear with Beige Pants?

The immense advantage of beige pants is that, both in terms of color and cut, they are extremely easy to pair. Whereas jeans are well-suited for a casual or even casual-chic style but may seem out of place in a more formal setting, beige pants work perfectly in various situations.

In terms of versatility, beige pants are just as good as jeans.

What to wear with beige pants depends primarily on the situation. The same pants, paired with different tops, will have a completely different look. It also depends, of course, on individual tastes, often satisfied by the extraordinary pairing freedom of beige pants.

But enough chatter, discover below what to wear with beige pants.

For a Casual Look

Light and comfortable, beige pants particularly go well with a casual style. While a white t-shirt works very well, opting for a polo or a shirt can provide a more assertive style.

For example, you can choose a buttoned shirt in denim or chambray, left untucked, to play the card of elegant nonchalance. With its lightweight and breathable fabric, seersucker is also a suitable material to go with beige pants.

For summer, you can opt for a pair of boat shoes, reminiscent of the pants' adventurous origins. In winter, you may prefer a pair of desert boots.

For a Casual Chic Style

What to wear with beige pants for a slightly more formal style? Well, not much, as beige pants almost suffice on their own.

Choosing a poplin shirt, more fitted, buttoned all the way up and tucked into your pants will already influence the overall style.

A pair of loafers and, if you wish, a tie to complete the outfit, and you have the quintessential business casual look.

For a Formal Appearance

And finally, the last question: what to wear with beige pants for a formal look? The secret here is to maintain consistency from head to toe. With medium or low-rise pants, without a center crease, we will avoid overly formal combinations, such as with a double-breasted jacket, for example.

We would prefer a suit jacket with a more understated and streamlined cut. If you choose the jacket-tie combination at the top, make sure to find suitable shoes, formal and contrasting enough to ensure the coherence of the outfit.

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