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Formal Passion

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The Balance or Nothing

Far from being insignificant, the pursuit of a style is an adventure. A quest. A journey. It is not frivolity that animates it, much less vanity, but rather the pursuit of an ideal. Of an identity.

At Hast, this intrigue has been unfolding for over 10 years, achieving the synthesis between mastered casual and formal elegance. A journey of passion and dedication, it demands constant balance, continual self-examination, and an ever-renewed harmony between grace and modernity. A ride on a ridge, yes, but a fantastic ride.

The Shirt, Naturally

If there is a garment that wonderfully embodies this idea, it is undoubtedly the shirt. Mainstay of the Hast wardrobe, which has revolved around it since day one, the shirt becomes alternatively charming and distinguished, or free and relaxed. At the summits of elegance or at the fringes of nonchalance, we have been accompanying its impulses since 2012 with unwavering care and dedication.

For over a decade, the goal has been the same: to offer you high-end, accessible, and responsible shirts. Invariably, the same means allow us to achieve our goals: noble fibers, natural materials, precise cuts, impeccable finishes, and European craftsmanship.

Alongside our permanent classics, with each collection, we introduce more assertive pieces, with heavy or light fabrics depending on the season. Rich, substantial, and versatile, our shirt range allows you to equip yourself all year round according to your needs, from the most casual models to prestigious premium references, not forgetting the more traditional formal range. By admiring our creations, you will discover a wide variety of collars, impressive textures, cuts for all body types, multiple sleeve lengths, sophisticated colors, and flamboyant fabrics. From officer collar to English collar, from oxford to poplin, from white to bold patterns: you will see that the love we have for shirts is matched only by the desire we have to share it with you.

The Suit, Prince of Elegance

Everyone will agree, it is impossible to talk about formalism without mentioning the suit. More than just a representative, the suit is a true incarnation, and has been since the early 19th century. Reigning supreme over classic men's wardrobe, for over 200 years it has represented the quintessence of formal elegance. With all due respect to the tailoring art, and without considering it as our core business, we wanted to integrate the suit into our collections. In the quest for balance and accuracy we spoke of, it seemed essential to give it a prominent place, both to accompany our reference shirts and to offer it new perspectives.

At Hast, you will find the suit in the formal register that everyone knows, but also in less academic attire, skillfully flirting with the limits of classic elegance.

Absolute must-have, our navy virgin wool suit is for those who seek a simple and effective complete set. Extremely refined, it combines a premium wool fiber, an Italian fabric from Marzotto, and rigorous assembly to deliver the best of this piece. Its careful proportions and sumptuous line have only one goal: to guarantee you an impeccable silhouette every day.

Displaying a bolder hand, our wool flannel suits aim to have your back until the heart of winter. A massive distinguishing weapon, it will allow you to stay sharp despite the mercury assaults, thanks to a slightly brushed, thicker material. Less delicate in appearance, it claims less delicacy than a form of raw beauty, allowing you to experiment with style. Turtleneck, denim shirt, textured sweater: you have plenty of choices to accompany this ensemble and play with the codes of traditional clothing.

On its side, our navy striped chalk blazer is the latest addition to our wardrobe. The flagship of the 2024 fall-winter collection, it reflects the quest for balance that we have pursued since day one, midway between panache and refinement. Crafted in Europe with a magnificent Italian fabric from Maison Marzotto, this ensemble combines the fluffy structure of flannel with a subtle vertical striping, aptly named "chalk stripe." Whether matched or mismatched, this suit proposes a certain idea of elegance, both respectful of codes and rebellious to conventions.

In this spirit, our work jackets and other deconstructed blazers invite to the same choice, embracing the codes of tailoring while breaking free from the strict constraints of a bygone era.

The Ineffable Double Pleated Trousers

On the path of righteousness, which we strive never to deviate from, we made the delightful encounter of trousers that have since become a true signature at Hast: the double-pleated trousers.

Straight from the 60s, we've kept its two pairs of pleats while slightly refining its leg line to establish the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. With this precious balance, it embodies exactly the philosophy that we want to imbue in all our collections.

Far from coquetry, these doubled pleats have a real purpose: in addition to providing structure and verticality to the silhouette, they offer more freedom at the hip level - especially when sitting - without a baggy effect.

Since its introduction on the sidelines of our tenth anniversary, its versatility has literally won you over, which is why we decided to explore this model with new fabric plays. Format thick cotton double-twist chino, in the versatile realm of chalk stripe flannel, on an impressive cotton-linen corduroy, or atop a very dressed-up model 100% virgin wool, double pleats are now at the service of all genders - for your utmost pleasure.

With or Without a Tie

Long the preserve of the most formal outfits, the tie has widely emancipated itself in recent decades. Under the renewed impetus of Ivy League students and renowned artists, it has gradually freed itself from the rigid codes of traditional attire to obtain a very particular status. While its wearing remains connoted, it is now possible to consider the tie in a casual chic ensemble by playing with its material, texture, color, and knot.

Capitalizing on this recent possibility, we took care to work, alongside our highly formal ties, on more versatile and relaxed models. This is notably the case with our knitted creations, whose patterns and feel will serve a liberated sophistication.

The Final Word

At Hast, we like to believe that style is like existence: it is the perpetual search for balance that gives it meaning and beauty. Thus, since 2012, we have been shaping a wardrobe between avowed sartorialism and tranquil elegance, supported by a genuine philosophy of correctness.

In constant pursuit of harmony, we claim a passion for the formal universe while adapting its lines, materials, and structure to the realities of the contemporary man.

Whether it's our permanent models or pieces from our collections, all echo this science of proportions, this pursuit of precision, and this love for beauty.

More than just clothes, we work on values to wear, and it now depends on you to don them.

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