Notre nouvelle collection Printemps-Été

Our new Spring-Summer collection

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See you on Wednesday April 17 to discover the latest Spring-Summer news.

True to its objective, Hast pursues the idea of ​​a fair and honest wardrobe with this new Spring-Summer collection. On display ? Significant work to modernize the fundamentals of our wardrobe, coupled with an unprecedented style exercise.

Between revisited classics and stunning new products , throughout the launches you will witness the unveiling of a range of unprecedented richness. A true ode to balance, it combines rigor and creativity, audacity and iconicity, academicism and character.

Highly personal, this collection continues the effort of invention begun with our “10 years” capsule and dedicated last fall. This is particularly true of the fabrics and knits with which we have dressed our creations, which are more spectacular than ever. Iconic pieces, exceptional materials, immortal cuts and intoxicating colors all point the same way: that of timeless elegance intimately linked to its era.

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A launch in two stages

To make the pleasure last, we chose to organize the unveiling of our spring-summer collection around a pair of key moments.

Two decisive moments during which the pieces we have been working on for many months will be revealed to you.

Chronologically, a launch with spring influences will precede a much more summery rebound . The first in a few days, the second in April.

The spirit of our spring-summer collection

Matching sets, light and reversible Mac , contrasting shoes, double-sided belt, twin models in reversed colors: we have placed this new collection under the singular theme of duality.

Piece after piece, you will see reciprocity at work, coupled with meticulous work of association and articulation. Between cooperation and confrontation, shirts and pants are measured. Shorts and jackets are examined. Two-piece suits are matched by mismatched patterns, and dark tones are matched by lighter shades.

In the land of pairs, every room has its other. Every place has its other side. Each front has its back. Sometimes dense and rough, sometimes smooth and airy, natural materials embrace and challenge each other. Navy blue and ecru work together when they don't clash. Some are looking for their alter ego, others for rivals. These expect an equal, those a challenger. They are all two sides of the same coin: uninhibited formal elegance.

The big new additions to the collection

At Hast, there are things that have not changed since 2012, starting with our values ​​and our principles. Search for noble and certified natural fibers, work with responsible and efficient materials, selection of the best manufacturing workshops in Europe , quest for an elegant and balanced wardrobe, imperative of transparency or even demand for fair and honest production: we cultivate these invariant with meticulous care.

On the other hand, this collection is not short of new items and contains exceptional treasures. Strong, adventurous and singularly daring pieces coexist with the essential basics that form the backbone of the Hast wardrobe. Between academicism and creativity, we have modernized most of our signature pieces and surrounded them with more enterprising works ; always style conscious and globally aware.

Concentrated with passion and high standards, here, without further delay, are the key pieces of our spring-summer 2024 collection:

  • An extraordinary reversible mac . The perfect incarnation of a collection marked by the seal of duality, this mid-season coat combines one side of washed wool and one side of water-repellent cotton, for foolproof elegance. An allegory of dualism, it was he who opened the floor this week.
  • A fabulous two-piece suit in fresco wool . It's not uncommon to hear that elegance is allergic to high temperatures, but anyone who has ever worn Fresco wool knows that this is not the case. For your weddings, garden parties and other summer ceremonies, we have created a set in this dry and airy canvas. Overheating avoided, refinement assured.

  • A delicious pair of workwear suits. Did you think that the formal register had a monopoly on the two-piece suit? Think again. With our two workwear sets, one 100% cotton and the other cotton-linen, you will have a unique (and unprecedented) opportunity to combine the chic of a suit and the robustness of work clothing. A sensational worksuit , to wear as is or mismatched.
Available April 17 in stores and on
  • A cheerful assortment of linen suits. Is there still a need to present the 1,001 virtues of this exceptional fiber of which France is the leading producer in the world? Strong and breathable, absorbent and hypoallergenic, light and thermoregulating, flexible and antibacterial, it is a gift from nature that we have increasingly valued in recent seasons. As you can see, that's the case again in this spring-summer collection, with a range of linen suits that will keep you looking sharp and cool.
Available April 17 in stores and on
  • A couple of negative polo shirts. One is white with a blue collar line, the other blue with a white collar line. Symbol of our work around reflection and complementarity, this pair borrows their evocative power from yin and yang. Crafted in a fine cotton knit reminiscent of crochet, they obviously mobilize the aesthetics of the 50s, the Riviera and, why not, the talented Mr Ripley.
Available April 17 in stores and on
  • A stunning three-piece seersucker suit. The queen material of summer, seersucker is recognizable by the waves which animate the surface of its canvas, obtained by a variation in the tension of the threads at the time of weaving. In addition to the beauty of the texture, this embossing keeps the fabric away from the skin and promotes ventilation. A marvel from the first sweetness of May to the last heat of September. For you, we have made it into a three-piece suit , but not the one you were expecting. In fact, it is not a vest that accompanies the jacket and pants, but rather double-pleated shorts , just to vary the pleasures with panache.
Available April 17 in stores and on

Furthermore, you will find in the mysteries of our spring-summer collection the underlying trends that we have been imprinting on our wardrobe for several years : the growing importance of no dye , the growing influence of linen , innovative blends of natural materials, the choice of seaqual to replace the non-recycled synthetic materials that we previously used and the bias towards a more assertive artistic direction. The return of our one-piece collar , the release of a fun shirt or the development of a Giro Inglese fabric are there to prove it.

A mirror collection in our image

Between ambivalence and interdependence, our spring-summer collection sets up a double decor where the pieces reflect, duplicate and respond to each other. Always in the glory of balance.

Long or short, straight or fitted, light or dark, textured or not, matching or not, they reflect the beauty of things that complement each other. The tenderness of multiples that become one. The accuracy of what forms a whole.

Like Hast, like us, like you, this collection is beautiful with this curious alchemy. Beautiful since double. Beautiful since free.

Come now to discover our new Spring-Summer collection!