Notre veste en laine

Our wool jacket

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Wool in summer? Yes, as long as it is thin and airy. For our wool model, we called on the expert in the field: Vitale Barberis Canonico. A beautiful house which ensures incredible quality of the material.

We have teamed up with Vitale Barberis Canonico, the oldest clothier in the world, to create a wool jacket of impeccable quality, subtlety and great refinement.

The house is the oldest woolen mill in the world still in operation, having started in 1663. Since then, the business has remained family-owned, with Franscesco, 13th generation of the VBC family, at its head. Needless to say, he knows what he's talking about.

We chose a fine 21 micron wool to bring a certain lightness and finesse to our jacket. In comparison, a standard merino wool fiber is close to 21.5 microns, that gives you an idea. For color, we opted for a classic blue fabric, which goes with everything. Classic really? In appearance only, since it is a particular texture, made up of two yarns of different shades: a navy blue and a lighter blue, which gives a very luminous appearance to the whole. Classic with a twist, just the way we like them.

A supple Neapolitan shoulder, which rests delicately on your shoulders

A fitted cut, neither too much nor too little, just what is needed to follow the lines of the body without hindering movement. It sits perfectly on the shoulders, becoming slimmer towards the waist, thanks to two discreet darts. And since there are some in the team, we thought of bon vivants, by creating two slits in the back, so you can close your jacket, even during aperitifs with friends.

To structure the jacket at shoulder level without looking like a rugby player, we opted for a soft Neapolitan shoulder, which sits delicately on your shoulders. It will give you greater freedom of movement. On the reverse side, Christophe, our great stylistic expert and particularly picky when it comes to width: 6.5cm, that's what you need for a modern and timeless style. With the essential buttonhole, for a successful tailoring look.

We thought of everything. We often notice the exterior appearance, the quality of the fabric, certain details like the buttons (ours are made of natural horn in a beautiful brown color). But what we often forget are the little things that can save everything: like the two salt shakers sewn discreetly under each armpit to prevent perspiration from staining the fabric. You'll thank us later. And to go further in detail, we have placed a chest pocket so that you can slip in your silk clutch.

And the pockets in all this? Yes, because it's still very practical for storing all your stuff. And sometimes, they even add something extra to the clothing. Two patch pockets have been sewn onto each side of the jacket, to keep your mind and hands free. We've even integrated 4 interior pockets, of different sizes to help you get organized. One of them is even buttoned, to keep everything safe: you will no longer have excuses.

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