Nos t-shirts en coton biologique

Our organic cotton t-shirts

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For almost 3 years, the question has come up with each collection development: should we offer t-shirts or not? It must be said that we hesitated for a long time to add them to our wardrobe, we wondered if it was not too far from our DNA, namely a brand of formal inspiration, with a form of uninhibited elegance.

We also couldn't ignore the increasingly important role of our casual range, with more original materials and patterns. And finally, these T-shirts had even more of their place since we had expanded our wardrobe, with overshirts that can be worn alone or open over a T-shirt, and work jackets.

And then we agreed on an essential point: the t-shirt is an iconic piece, a great classic that every man has in his wardrobe. After a long reflection and several tests, we are finally there: our first collection of four organic cotton t-shirts is available.

We have chosen GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified organic cotton. This label encompasses environmental and social requirements, it certifies the organic origin of the cotton, and socially responsible and environmentally friendly manufacturing of the fabric.

We are convinced that as a brand, we must offer another way of producing, and, as customers, to consume less, better, and wear our clothes longer.

Why choose organic cotton? We are convinced that as a brand, we must offer another, more sustainable way of producing. We have selected long cotton fibers, which do not break when washed; the weave is dense, while allowing air to pass through; the final material is generous, supple, comfortable. Wash after wash, it will not lose its shape.

We have partnered with a Portuguese workshop to make this essential piece. The latter specializes in jersey, which he works wonderfully. The result ? A comfortable t-shirt, with clean lines and a classic round neck, available in 4 colors, which we will happily wear every day. Bonus? Get a discount when you buy two t-shirts.

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