Nos solutions pour passer l’été en pantalon

Our solutions for spending the summer in pants

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Summer is coming, and with it the irrepressible desire to spend the next three months in Bermuda shorts . However, pants are not persona non grata in the summer, provided you choose them wisely. In this article, we take stock of the main characteristics of summer pants, to help you choose the ideal partner .

The importance of matter

Obviously, the choice of material has serious consequences above 20°C. Under these conditions, an unsuitable fabric can quickly become unbreathable, which is obviously not desirable. Therefore, it should be selected carefully, by monitoring five key variables:

1) The fibers used.

Unlike synthetic raw materials which are most often odorous and suffocating, natural fibers mostly have appreciable properties in summer. In addition to their softness and hypoallergenic properties , they are generally breathable, thermoregulatory and absorbent; so many crucial attributes when the mercury is racing. Organic cotton, wool, linen , hemp, ramie, mixtures of all: the alternatives are numerous, especially on our racks. And for good reason, 100% of our wardrobe is made from natural or recycled raw materials .

2) The type of weaving.

Broadly speaking, three types of weave mainly coexist: plain weave, twill weave and satin weave . In all cases, it is an interweaving of horizontal and vertical threads , but the specificities of this intertwining give each particular characteristics. In summer, we advise you to focus on loose and open weaves which will promote lightness and air circulation. Like seersucker , the prince of summer fabrics, plain weave is particularly suitable for this type of work; but certain twills also provide this saving freshness.

3) The thickness of the fabric.

The denser a material, the warmer it is. Logic. In these conditions, we advise you to favor fabrics between 130 and 280 grams per square meter. You will be more comfortable there and will therefore keep you away from overheating. For your information, all this information is available in the “Details” section of our product sheets.

4) The cut.

Without too much surprise, straight or even loose pants will promote ventilation and air circulation. Above 20°C, we therefore suggest that you dare to go for slightly larger volumes, even if it means exploring different stylistic horizons.

5) Color.

It is common knowledge that dark colors absorb more of the sun's rays , which is why they store more heat. To keep yourself cool, we invite you to look at the light side of the color palette (which obviously offers 1001 alternatives to white).

(Re)discovery of our summer pants

In compliance with the aforementioned recommendations, we have produced a range of versatile pants that will see you through to the end of the summer. Sober or colorful , elegant or casual , plain or striped , you will inevitably find your legs' best friend among the models offered.

From the most informal to the most formal , here are the main interested parties:

- Our military pants. Peaceful adaptations of the famous "cargo" of the American army, these micro-herringbone pants can count on a timeless aesthetic to cross the eras without aging.

- Our jeans. There is no need to introduce this sacred monster of the locker room, but it is very useful to point out that we have a trio at your disposal. A fairly light ecru in organic cotton , a slightly thicker washed blue and a raw selvedge in 100% organic cotton , straight from the Italian House of Candiani. Place your bets.

- Our chinos. Simple without being simplistic, these chinos have (also) returned from the front to give the civilian wardrobe a little lesson in casual chic. Made from cotton gabardine or a pretty 76% cotton 24% linen fabric, they are available to you in a beautiful range of summer colors.

- Our khaki linen and cotton pants. Bottom piece of a two-piece suit designed for summer , these pants can also be worn without the associated jacket . With a delicate blend of 77% cotton and 23% linen, it is both soft and breathable , which makes it an interesting ally for staying chic in the summer.

- Our pleated pants. Watch your eyes, we are now entering the wonderful world of dress pants. From now on, it will be difficult to imagine them without a shirt; even if some models cope surprisingly well with t-shirts or polo shirts . 100% linen ecru twill , beige cotton-linen herringbone , white seersucker with blue stripes : these are three references that stand up to extreme heat and major events.

- Our two-pleat pants. The ultimate in elegance, these pants were designed for lovers of sartorial art. With their long leg pleat and their double darts on either side of the button placket, they display clean, graphic lines that outline the silhouette with unparalleled finesse. 100% ecru cotton , 100% navy Fresco from Maison Hardy Minnis , 100% linen herringbone , mixed twill 55% cotton 45% linen woven by a French manufacturer : here you have your +1 for your next civil partnerships, weddings and gala dinners .

The final word

Natural fibers, airy weaves, moderate densities, generous cuts and light colors: these are the options we recommend to resist the onslaughts of summer. So many solutions that will allow you to get through the hottest months of the year without sacrificing anything in elegance , while exploring the riches of these parameters with high aesthetic potential. A relevant way to combine comfort and distinction , made possible by the collection of Hast pants that we have just browsed.

To discover them, our advisors are waiting for you in store from Monday to Saturday ; while our new website is accessible 24/7.