Nos maillots en seersucker

Our seersucker swimsuits

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We are happy to present the first swimsuits from Hast. Passionate about men's wardrobe in the broad sense, we wanted to expand our offerings and develop this crucial piece for the man on vacation, a little more technical than most of the pieces we already offer.

We turned to seersucker. A weaving technique originating from India consisting of alternating a tight thread and a loose thread, creating a fabric with an embossed effect. This original and pleasant to the touch fabric is particularly suitable for swimsuits. Its airy texture dries quickly and the high density of its wave weave makes it particularly resistant. Available in three colors, blue, green and red, our swimsuits tighten at the waist with a white cotton cord finished with a pretty red wax, so that it stays in place! They are designed with cotton and polyester fabric from Portugal and also made in Portugal.

Beyond being an important piece because every man must be elegant, including at the beach, the swimsuit is a fascinating item due to its evolution closely linked to the transformations of society.

Originally, bathing was restricted to private spaces – particularly in Antiquity – men and women bathed naked. During the 20th century, the swimsuit gradually became more popular, closely following political, social and moral developments. While at the beginning of the century, it was customary to cover one's body, whether one was a man or a woman, the first paid holidays in 1936 with the Popular Front pushed a growing number of people to go to the sea for weekends or holidays. As always, clothing follows these developments and heat and habit gradually shorten the sections of fabric. Sport also plays an important role in the evolution of jersey cuts. In the 1960s, sports swimming became a widespread practice and swimsuits were adapted closer to the body. Conversely, the 70s saw the rise of surfing and its lifestyle, with a preference for baggy swim shorts and matching long hair.

In short, the evolution of swimwear cannot be separated from the relationship to morals and sporting practices. Nowadays, the jersey adapts to the context and frees itself from the constraints: it is either specialized in the sporting context, or a leisure item worn by everyone as they prefer. Although it is tacitly accepted that mid-length swim shorts (as we offer) are often the favorite of our contemporaries. In all circumstances, however, it must be worn with style. We are taking a shower ?

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