Nos chemises sahariennes

Our safari shirts

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After years of refining our expertise in formal shirts , we wanted to explore the casual style in more depth, by developing a new shirt model in a more assertive style. Heading towards summer with our two safari shirts!

We wanted to create a shirt with a strong style, the kind of piece that stands on its own. And it starts with the choice of fabric: we wanted something distinctive, quite raw but with that extra something that makes the difference.

And it was at Kuwamura, a house as confidential as it is recognized for its ancestral techniques and its attachment to unique fabrics that we found the perfect canvas.

They are fresh, and they crease little. We went with a linen and cotton blend, to stay cool, without your shirt wrinkling too much. Real summer shirts in short. Practical.

We wanted to create a shirt with a strong style, the kind of piece that stands on its own.

Who says summer, says freedom and audacity. The detail that makes all the difference? Two bellows chest pockets (one on each side, no jealousy), which not only allow you to slip in your small belongings but above all create a daring style, for those who want to get off the beaten track and go on an adventure.

We decided to offer a truly relaxed shirt, without compromise, always with a certain refinement, specific to our world. With the textured Japanese fabric, we have combined a reworked “button down” collar to make it more refined and our relaxed cut, particularly pleasant in summer.

When it comes to color, the Japanese have a taste for subtlety. An intense navy blue, which highlights tanned complexions as well as others, for those who don't like the sun. And a khaki green that makes you want to go to the ends of the earth and which is also available this season on seersucker shirts . Great prospects.

Ready to go on an adventure?

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