No time to dye

No time to dye

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For over 10 years, our collections and each of our pieces have alternately betrayed our love for beautiful materials. Elemental particles of elegance, noble fibers alone determine the aesthetic power of a fabric; spinning, weaving, and cutting then have the charge to sublime.

More than ever before, we have chosen to let ours speak in recent months. By skipping the dyeing process for certain creations, we give our raw materials carte blanche to shine in the most natural way. And needless to say, they respond well. Admire.

The no dye, beauty in its natural state

English speakers will understand, our "no dye" pieces are simply not dyed. Consequently, they have the exact original color of the fibers from which they are created (organic cotton and linen for Hast).

After harvesting, these are sorted using a color chart to offer a certain chromatic unity to the threads, from the lightest ecru to the darkest browns.

In addition to giving textiles a natural and authentic hue, this technique avoids the pitfalls associated with dyeing: use of chemicals, water consumption, and energy expenses. For example, know that our organic cotton ecru shirt has allowed us to save 75 liters of water per kilogram of material and average 6 kilograms of CO2.

Considering the eco-responsible approach we have been advocating since 2012, it seemed relevant to us to use this method on an increasing number of pieces. As we imagine it, an honest and conscious wardrobe values noble materials and exceptional craftsmanship, of which non-dyed natural fibers are a beautiful synthesis.

Raw style

Another virtue of no dye is obviously its aesthetic flavor. Because natural fibers undergo no coloration, they reveal themselves in their simplest form, much to the delight of the eyes.

In fact, their slightest irregularities read like charming punctuation marks, offering fabrics of exceptional texture and singularity. If you carefully observe our two-piece corduroy suit, for example, you will discover here and there small slubs betraying the naturalness of the material used.

Above all, these undyed threads capture light wonderfully. Unlike many dyes with random outcomes and uncertain lifespans, no dye allows for authentic and luminous fabrics, fantastic alternatives to the artificial hues that now adorn shelves and streets.

Our non-dyed creations

Without further ado, it's time to move on to the moment you've all been waiting for: the unveiling of our no dye pieces.

Unable to rank them in order of preference, we do it more classically in alphabetical order, starting with a headgear that has never worn its name so well.

Beautiful in its natural state, our embroidered ecru cotton cap is the ideal accessory to complete a chic and urban look. Adorned with embroidery that you will easily recognize, it is ready to fulfill its two main missions: crowning your head and your style.

In our humble opinion, the natural ecru shade of Pima cotton suits our organic ecru cotton shirt quite well. If you've never experienced the softness and finesse of this dazzling fiber, the first try-on promises to be memorable. Appreciated for its flexibility and universally recognized as one of the world's most luxurious cottons, Pima expresses itself here without artifice: no dye, no false notes.

And what about this one? Made using the patented reverse weave technique by Champion in 1938, our ecru cotton hoodie also benefited from a no dye process. To say it's brilliant would be pretentious, so we'll settle for calling the result luminous. Thick and generous, the fabric of this hooded sweatshirt is a true invitation to comfort, an invitation we recommend accepting without hesitation. When comfort and eco-responsibility come together in a piece of this quality, there's no reason to hesitate.

You have before you a marvel of texture and authenticity. Woven in France by Maison Velcorex, this pleated corduroy pants integrates fibers of organic cotton and non-dyed linen, creating a fireworks display of nuances and variations. Approach, and you'll see the dryness of the linen enhancing the softness of the cotton, the valleys of the corduroy dappling the horizon, and its raw colors illuminating the whole.

Perfect for the mid-season and cool summer evenings, our embroidered organic ecru cotton sweatshirt combines style, comfort, and durability. Eco-consciousness too, as it's no more dyed than its little companions. An ecological approach that the embroidery at its core does not fail to remind, a message to which you will undoubtedly subscribe.

If you've heard about skin reactions related to certain chemical dyeing processes, you'll be delighted to learn that we've filled our racks with undyed linen and cotton T-shirts. In addition to being a caress for the skin, they stand out for their design and durability with ideal proportions and a dense fabric of 235 grams/m2. A lovely undershirt to wear all year round.

On our latest beige wool work jacket, you'll find the no dye process on the collar and cuffs. Color, material, and process, its velvety ends contrast subtly with the rest of the jacket, creating a break as sharp as it is exhilarating.

Companion to the pants presented earlier, the corduroy work jacket in linen and cotton can join forces to form a suit or live alone and independent. In either case, you'll find the ineffable French fabric from Velcorex in 74% cotton and 26% linen. Undyed, it adds to the well-known lines of the workwear genre an authenticity that is entirely natural evidenced by the little slubs scattered randomly in the spinning. So many gifts from nature that you'll discover here and there on your precious jacket, if, of course, you choose it to be your companion.

More than a method, an emblem.

"Go and take your lessons from nature," advised Leonardo da Vinci in his time.

At Hast, the Master's advice did not fall on deaf ears: from day one, we carefully select the noblest natural fibers. By adding the no dye process to this sourcing requirement, we further advance our commitment to more Honest materials, destined for men who are just as honest. Feeling targeted? You're right.

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