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For its tenth anniversary, Hast is launching the collection of the decade.

Hast is ten years old.

Obviously soluble in passion, time passed without warning. Where did yesterday go? What will happen tomorrow? Where are we today ? Looking back, we see a big story born from a small intuition. A ten-year odyssey arising from an observation made in 2012 : a quality shirt that is both responsible and accessible does not exist. Looking back, we relive the adventure to restore the image of an essential piece that is too often mistreated. We find our initial and unchanged ambition: that of offering high-end and timeless clothing at a fair price . Looking back, we measure how far we have come, with a lot of emotion.

Looking ahead, we appreciate the journey of a single-product label transforming itself into a clothing brand. We see the future and everything else in a big way. We are considering the continuation of our quest for the ideal wardrobe. Looking ahead, we measure the road ahead, and think more than ever about “excellence” and “proximity” , “demandingness” and “honesty” .

Savoring the moment, we see you. Those of the first hour and those of the following ones. Those who joined the adventure and those who never left. Usually, it is a metal that is in the spotlight to celebrate ten years of union . With all due respect to tradition, these are other materials that we have chosen to honor in memory of a decade of life together. For the usual pewter weddings, this time we suggest replacing linen and organic cotton , silk and merino wool .

Blowing out our tenth candle could not be done without you. For the occasion, we therefore decided to develop an anniversary capsule comprising ten ultra-limited edition pieces , all cut from materials usually reserved for major fashion houses .
Ten resolutely high-end pieces, in the form of a tribute to the history of Hast. Ten pieces as so many incarnations of the values ​​we share. Ten dazzling pieces serving our idea of ​​style. Ten precious, unique pieces , like the wardrobe that we strive to build, in all its practical and philosophical dimensions. Ten valuable, responsible , honest and timeless pieces. Ten unique pieces , numbered and available in only 100 copies . A symphony in Hast major .

While retaining the recipe that you know well, we have exceptionally brought together the finest ingredients to offer you a selection worthy of the event: a symphony in Hast major. Declaration of love for clothing, reverence to the past of our brand, celebration of its present, construction of its future, testimony of recognition to customers from the first hour and later: this collection carries the crazy ambition of crystallizing ten years of us . In exchange for your trust, we are pleased to give you this gift: the inaccessible at your fingertips.

Thank you for everything,

The HAST team

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